Princess of Grim (NecroSeam Prequel) Preorders and updates!

Chanerr hou, everyone! Long time, no post, am I right? The toddler's been keeping me busy along with some new books lately, so I've been pretty late with these posts. Sorry for the delay! Anyway, now that the NecroSeam Finale, Blossom of Gold, has come to an end, we've got a special bonus story coming soon in October: Princess of Grim, a NecroSeam Prequel featuring a young Willow and Xavier. You can preorder it in the Barnes and Noble and Amazon. We're also offering preorders for SIGNED paperback copies here in the NecroSeam Store, so feel free to check it out! I'm so excited about this story, you guys. I started writing it about two years ago, finished the first draft last year, and didn't

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