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Editorial  Reviews & Awards

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Judge's Scoring for eBook:

Perfect Score

Structure, Organization, and Pacing:  5/5


Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar:  5/5


Production Quality and Cover Design:  5/5


Plot and Story Appeal:  5/5


Character Appeal and Development:  5/5


Voice and Writing Style:  5/5

Writer's Digest

1st Place Winner


7th Annual Self-Published eBook Awards

"This book is an incredible step into another world... I was very impressed by how much Raine was able to accomplish well in this book. Her characters are fascinating, relatable, and interesting. The world-building is so creative and original and I really appreciated how it is shown to the reader. Instead of information being dumped on, it is revealed slowly and cleverly but with enough at a time to create an excellent pacing and sense of wonder. For a system so complex, that was an awesome accomplishment.

I was fascinated by the story as well, and enjoyed the journey that the characters have to go on to figure out what has happened. It was delightful, exciting, and managed to hook me from beginning to end without making me feel like what I was reading was unrealistic. I love when fantasy can do that and this story worked so well.

I thought the plot was paced expertly, as it's a first in a series I didn't think that too much was left hanging at the end; rather it hit that sweet spot of feeling satisfied from the story we've been through but also with enough questions and momentum to propel the reader into the next book. I really enjoyed this one and appreciated the cleverness of the darker subject of necromancers being the heroes. It was very enjoyable." 

-Judge, 7th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published eBook Awards

Readers' Favorite 

Award-Winning Fantasy

 Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite Review

"I really enjoyed Willow of Ashes, Book One of the NecroSeam Chronicles by Ellie Raine. I'm glad I came into the series at Book One. This is one of the most fascinating and weird universes I have ever encountered. I like that. Think of it. A world where death rules. A world where everyone and everything is centered around death. A world where death is not as permanent and unknowable as it is here in our world. I found it intriguing. I have seen epic world building in science fiction before but never have I seen it done on this scale in a magical setting. Ellie Raine has quite the imagination and she shares it with us like a master storyteller. Her world is rich, mysterious, inviting, and frightening at the same time. You will want to visit it again and again.

"Ellie Raine has a unique voice which fits her story and this world perfectly. The setting is powerful and never have I seen the theme of death explored so intimately. Necromancy is not new but, as far as I know, it has never been explored or utilized as it is here. The characters are unique, and the plot is driven along in part by that very uniqueness. Xavier and Alexander are twins with a big problem. How this happened and how it will be resolved will change everything. Every character is interesting not only as a character but as representations of their various species. Willow of Ashes is a deep book and a little dark. But it is a lot of fun."


Midwest Book Review

"A brilliantly scripted and entertainingly original fantasy saga, "Willow of Ashes" is the first volume in author Ellie Raine's epic new 'Necroseam Chronicles' series. A riveting read from beginning to end, "Willow of Ashes" is unreservedly recommended, especially for community library Fantasy Fiction collections."



NecroSeam Chronicles | Book II


Readers' Favorite                    Awarded 5-Stars

Readers' Favorite Review

"Orbs of Azure is the second book in the Necroseam Chronicles by Ellie Raine. I read the first book in the series and I got hooked. This is that epic fantasy genre that draws you in with magic, mysteries, and epic resolutions to seemingly unsolvable problems. I have read Tolkien and most of the other great writers in this genre, and nobody, I repeat, nobody, does it better than Ellie Raine. Her magic is new and mysterious. Nothing is simple or straightforward. We have a protagonist with awesome powers, but he has to share them with his twin. We have sorcerers, wizards, and familiar mythical creatures, both good and bad. But Ellie Raine puts her own spin on everything. No one is quite as powerful as it looks like they should be, and seemingly innocuous powers are sometimes the most effective in the clutch.

I think what I like most about Orbs of Azure is the writing. Ellie Raine writes beautifully and every aspect of Orbs of Azure benefits from it. The characters are described so well that you feel like they are old friends or your own personal enemies. The magic is well thought out and balanced. Neither side can gain the advantage unless they really know, and can use, and are gifted enough to use magic to their best advantage. But of course, characters drive a book and determine your feelings about it. You won’t find more sympathetic characters than Willow, Xavier, and Alexander. They are a potent force in this land of death. Rich in detail, with heroes larger than life, sometimes even larger than death itself, Orbs of Azure is a fantasy to remember."




NecroSeam Chronicles | Book III


Readers' Favorite                    Awarded 5-Stars

Readers' Favorite Review

"I have been following The NecroSeam Chronicles since the beginning. It is no secret that I love this epic fantasy series. Ellie Raine never disappoints me with her unique characters and complex plots. This third offering in the series is as good as the first two, if not better. Pearl of Emerald takes up the story where the second book left off, but a few things have changed. Xavier is no longer sharing a body with his twin. But as much as everyone wanted this, it has created some complications. He is weak and the realms are at war. One of the things I like most about this book, and indeed this entire series, is that answers beget more questions and solutions only create more problems. Our heroes must constantly level up if they want to stay ahead of the game. And honestly, Ellie Raine must level up if she wants to keep readers interested in these characters and this complex feudal world of magic. I’m happy to report that she has done just that in Pearl of Emerald.

It is hard to say what I like best about Pearl of Emerald. My first instinct is to say it's the wonderful characters. But then I realized many of them are wonderful because of the excellent world building and complex systems of magic. So maybe this well thought out world and setting is the star. It is honestly very hard to choose when everything is done so well. So, to keep it simple, I’m going to say it is the fantastic writing of Ellie Raine that is the standout element in Pearl of Emerald. I think most readers will agree with that."




NecroSeam Chronicles | Book IV


Readers' Favorite                  Awarded 5-Stars


Readers' Favorite Review

"In her Author's note at the beginning of Phoenix of Scarlet, Ellie Raine declares: "If you have made it this far in the Reaper's adventures, you are my favorite reader!" Well, that would be me, and I am happy and honored to have been along for this fantastic ride in the imagination of a genius of fantasy and mayhem. George R.R.Martin has his fans for sure, but in my humble opinion, nothing compares to the Necroseam Chronicles. The prologue was the scariest look into the mind of a mad genius I have ever read. It gave me chills because it was so well written that it convinced me there are people out there like that, and they could be anyone, even your brother. Phoenix of Scarlet is a masterpiece of medieval mayhem and feudal machinations. The politics are as potent and convoluted as the gods and creatures playing the game. 

I am so impressed by so many elements in Phoenix of Scarlet that it is difficult to know where to begin. But I think I have to acknowledge the magnificent world building first. There is so much knowledge and nuance involved that I could write a thesis on it, and scholars probably will at some point in the future. I won't even attempt to tell you how well this fantasy world is realized but if you want to get an idea of how vast, beautiful, and complicated it is, or how much work Ellie Raine has put into it, look at the maps at the beginning of the book. The characters, major and minor, that inhabit these realms are just as complex and just as fantastic as this awesome world that Ellie Raine has created."



NecroSeam Chronicles Prequel

Readers' Favorite                    Awarded 5-Stars

Readers' Favorite​

"Ellie Raine has created an interesting and unique alternate world in Princess of Shadow and Dream, the prequel to the NecroSeam Chronicles. I liked the characters and the sense of anticipation the author has created in this prequel. Each group of characters is specially gifted and their talents serve them well as they engage in their daily activities as well as the exciting battles in which they find themselves. The writing is easy to follow and smooth to read with realistic dialogue and plenty of descriptive support. A love story brings two of the characters together, all in preparation for the rest of what promises to be a great series. This is a lovely book for YA and older readers who enjoy fantasy at its best."

Blossom of Gold

NecroSeam Chronicles | Book V


"Blossom of Gold is a work of epic fantasy fiction with plenty of action and conceptual delights..."

Readers' Favorite
"Author Ellie Raine has developed a truly superb and fully engrossing fantasy world like nothing I've ever read before. The concept of Grim Reapers and undead demons may not seem new, but through Raine's intelligent revisioning and extensive work in lore and worldbuilding,this world filled with dark realms, nature, life, and death is one that is completely realized and totally unique. The action for twin brothers Xavier and Alexander comes thick and fast as the end draws near, and the use of prophecy and magical quests feels apt and authentic, not trope-like or overdone. This makes for a truly compelling adventure novel with dark twists everywhere, and some truly frightening images that stay with you long after reading. Overall, Blossom of Gold is a superb work that is highly recommended for fantasy fans everywhere."



Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Award Winner in Fantasy

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