April 30, 2018

So Jordan Con has come and gone, and this post is a biiiiit late, but better now than never!

We sold books, Orbs of Azure debuted in print, I wore costumes for the last time before my baby bump prevents me from it any more, I won a judges award (yay!) and just had an ov...

April 10, 2018

Jordan Con's just around the corner (April 20th-22nd) and I'm SUPER stoked--I've got the updated Willow of Ashes ready to go, the second book, Orbs of Azure, is running on-time to arrive for the con, my costumes are now in the 'final touches' stage, I've got a rea...

April 4, 2018

Chanerr hou, everyone!

Some of you may be looking at this article's title and scratching your heads a bit. "New and improved? What do you mean?"

I mean pretty much what it suggests. Last year, after a deep consideration, I decided to leave my publisher (on good terms!) a...

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