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Signing June 17th at Humpus Bumpus Books

Chanerr Hou everyone!

I'll be signing at Humpus Bumpus Books this Saturday, June 17th, in Cumming, GA. I'll be there with my fellow writing friends, Sean Taylor, Andrea Judy, and Bobby Nash, so go check out their blogs and books right away. There's so many great, pulpy stories in those books. And if you're in the area and are up for harmless-but-fun shenanigans, come join us!


Sean Taylor is an award-winning writer of stories. He grew up telling lies, and he got pretty good at it, so now he writes them into full-blown adventures for comic books, graphic novels, magazines, book anthologies and novels. He makes stuff up for money, and he writes it down for fun. He’s a lucky fellow that way.

He’s best known for his work on the best-selling Gene Simmons Dominatrix comic book series from IDW Publishing and Simmons Comics Group. He has also written comics for TV properties such as the top-rated Oxygen Network series The Bad Girls Club.

Andrea Judy is a writer who makes her home in Atlanta, Ga. Passionate about language, she writes in multiple genres, and has had poems and short stories appear in various literary magazines as well as in several anthologies. She also studies and writes about fandom and video games. Her first digest novel, The Bone Queen, was published in October 2013 with the sequel, Blood and Bone, out in February 2015.

An award-winning author, Bobby Nash writes a little bit of everything including novels, comic books, short prose, graphic novels, screenplays, media tie-ins, and more for a number of publishers and clients. Publishers including IDW Publishing, Sequential Pulp Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Moonstone Books, Airship 27 Productions, Pro Se Press, Raven’s Head Press, Stark Raving Press, Farragut Films, Dark Oak Press, Radio Archives, Avatar Press, and more.

When she’s not adventuring in her dreams, Ellie Raine is half awake and conjuring fantastical quests of scythes, sorcery and battle-clad wonder. Fueled by passion fruit tea and coffee-bean concoctions, her stories and poems are as real to her as the physical plane she wanders through when her stomach demands it. She’s a lover of ravens and a dreamer of dragons, but above all else, she’s a scribe to the stories that guide her.

Ellie is the author of Willow of Ashes, the first book in the NecroSeam Chronicles published under Dark Oak Press. She is busy working on the next books in the series and other stories that she hopes will be available soon.

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