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Surprise in New York!

Me (left) and the wonderful Milani (right)

Chanerr hou everyone!

This weekend my husband and I drove nearly 24 hours (in horrible, horrible Eclipse traffic) to New York for his grandmother's birthday. After a great dinner and a walk around Union Square, his grandmother took us into the enormous Barnes and Noble. During dinner, his aunt had told us she'd seen five copies of my book, Willow of Ashes, on their shelf in the past month, and when she went to look that morning, she saw only one was left. Obviously, I was excited! And nervous! And... and I don't even know what!

We went into the store, walked along the science fiction/fantasy shelves...

And there it was!

That last copy my husband's aunt mentioned! It was the most surreal experience. My book, in New York, on the shelf in the Bloody store. It couldn't get anymore awesome than that.

Except it did!

A customer was standing by in the aisle when we found the book and started talking about it--then, to my embarrassment, my husband's grandmother mentioned it was my book.

Then she bought it.

And since it was the last copy out of five on the shelf, the attendant said they'd order more to replace the ones that were bought out, since it was selling!! I really hope they meant it!

It was such an awesome experience, I can't accurately describe it. Thank you to my husband's amazing family and the wonderful Milani, who bought the last book on the shelf even though you didn't know me at all.

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