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The New and Improved Willow of Ashes--and Book 2 Soon to Follow!

Chanerr hou, everyone!

Some of you may be looking at this article's title and scratching your heads a bit. "New and improved? What do you mean?"

I mean pretty much what it suggests. Last year, after a deep consideration, I decided to leave my publisher (on good terms!) and retain the rights to my first book, Willow of Ashes. I went dark for a while as I prepared the newly revised edition of Willow and went through the round of self-publishing adventures of getting a new cover artist, editor, proof readers and beta readers, formatter, etc., and even had a novella published with my other trad publisher, Pro Se Press, in that time. Also, my husband and I discovered I was pregnant while we were moving into our new apartment, so it's been a busy few months (and yay!)

I'm super ecstatic to show you all my vision of the series and how I imagined it! With this new revision and the second book right on its heels in the next month, I'm very proud of the series and can't wait to share each volume with you as they come out (I've been sitting on book 4 for quite a while, so yeah, I'm pretty giddy!)

Now, allow me to introduce you to the new--the improved!--Willow of Ashes: Book One of the NecroSeam Chronicles!

If you've already read the older edition, I highly suggest reading the new one. There have been quite a few changes and book 2 plays off of those changes a bit (though not much, so don't worry). I'm talking new characters, tighter writing, and all-new, exciting scenes. In any case, I'm stoked to finally get this and book 2, Orbs of Azure, out for you all to read! I'll keep you all posted about when Orbs will be available in the next month. Stay tuned!

For now, I hope you enjoy the new edition of Willow of Ashes!

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