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Book 4 now available!

Chanerr Hou everyone!

The fourth installment of the NecroSeam Chronicles, Phoenix of Scarlet, is now available in all formats! Grab your copy before the fifth and FINAL installment comes out in 2020!

A Raging Storm, A Spreading Darkness, A Rising Champion After 2000 years of peace, the Time of Discord is returning to the Five Realms of Nirus. Prophecy claims only the Shadowblood can stop the total destruction of the world. Now, at last he is found! But he is not what the world expected…. for the Gods decided this legendary champion was to be born as twins, Xavier and Alexander, with their magic split between them. It will take the two of them working together to defeat the dark evil that has been brewing for the last 500 years. But will they be ready in time? The bloodthirsty queen of Neverland has been defeated and the true queen of Land reinstated, but the war between the realms is far from over. Now, an entourage of royal Relicblood heirs from each realm, including Death Princess Willow and the twins, board an Airship and sail up to the magnificent floating islands of the Sky realm to avert another war. Little do they know an evil sorcerer has laid a deadly trap for them. Macarius has foreseen that someday soon, the Shadowblood twins will be the only ones capable of spoiling his dark plans. And they both must die before that time arrives… before they find the mystical Relic of Sky, the Phoenix of Scarlet.

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