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Finished Willow of Ashes audiobook too fast? Book 2 is coming soon!

A lot of you have been telling me how ready you are for the second audiobook in the NecroSeam Chronicles, so I have great news for you all!

That's right! Orbs of Azure, the second book in the NecroSeam Chronicles, is coming this Labor Day weekend! The date is set and all quality checks have been officially passed! Now all that's left to do is wait, and while we get ready for the sequel to go live, enjoy the 5 minute preview here!

Don't forget to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven't already! And for those who have read/listened to book 1, Willow of Ashes, if you haven't left a review on Amazon and Goodreads yet, we'd love if you could spare time to do that now! Thank you everyone for your patience and continued support!

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