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NecroSeam Audiobook sample & Ellie Raine convention schedule 2021

Chanerr, everyone!

I wanted to share this little video graphic I put together with the audiobook sample for Willow of Ashes! I'm learning some new skills with video editing, it's actually pretty fun (if super simple).

If you missed it, the new Willow of Ashes audiobook is officially out on Audible and other platforms, so go grab it and give it a listen! Matt and Christa do such a fabulous job, I couldn't have asked for better narrators.

In other news, a few conventions are opening up again so I wanted to give an update of what my tentative schedule looks like for 2021 so far. Here's where I'll be:

July 16th-18th: Jordan Con -> Atlanta, GA

July 24th-25th: Savannah Mega Comic Con -> Savannah, GA

August 4th-8th: Literary Love Savannah -> Savannah, GA

October 15th-17th: Multiverse Con -> Atlanta, GA

November 5th-7th: CONjuration -> Atlanta, GA

If you're going to any of those, come by our table and say hi! I'll be doing oracle card readings now that I have my demo deck! Let's have fun (but safely, please!)

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