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The World of Nirus

   Nirus is a world inhabited entirely by shifters—beings who possess both traits of a human and traits of one particular animal, of all species, that usually only appear during heightened emotions of anger or distress, though they cannot fully change into beasts.


   The shifters of Nirus are divided throughout the five realms of Land, Sky, Ocean, Dream, and Death, and although each nationality’s citizens are differentiated by hair color, all shifters possess a single thread within them known as the necroseam—a thread within their hearts that binds the soul to its body.


   When a shifter dies, their necroseam remains tied, leaving the soul trapped within its dead vessel until a Reaper of Grim—a knight of the underground Death realm—comes to cut the Seam with their specially forged scythes and lead your soul to the nether-caves of Grim, helping you transition from this life to the next.


   If the necroseam is not severed in time, the trapped soul rots within the deceased body and merges with the vessel itself, creating soul-eating demons known as the Necrofera. It is the Reapers’ duty to kill these demons and protect the integrity of the realms, earning them a welcomed place among the kingdoms as the defenders of souls, chosen by messenger black birds and respected by all… Well, nearly all.


the surface lands have recently become dangerous for the Reapers. Thanks to their current king’s slander and propaganda, the kingdom of Everland has developed a hatred for the Reapers and all of Grim’s citizens. They suspect the Death Knights are commanding the Necrofera to collect their souls for Grim’s "evil" king.


And receiving the brunt of these lies are three apprentice Reapers who surface to Everland for the first time, unprepared for the tensions that may soon begin a new time of discord.

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