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 Ellie's artwork

It's no secret that I started out as an artist before I discovered my love of writing, and I even went to school for Game Art and Design in college. As many of you have probably heard me say a thousand times before, the NecroSeam Chronicles was originally going to be a video game, so I have TONS of art I made for the characters (some decent, some not, heh) dating from way back in 2006. Xavier was the first character drawn from back then. He was super emo goth, it makes me giggle!

Anyway, I thought I'd showcase some of my favorite artworks I created over the years! Enjoy!

Pssst--and if you want to submit FanArt of your own, go ahead and send it over to! We'll put it up on the FanArt By You Page!

Xavier and Mal
Willow Ember
xavier Willow armor sketch_edited
Original Cover Concept Art for Willow of Ashes
Mistress Alchemist, Bianca Florenne
The twins
Willow Dress Design

Concept Sketch of Willow's dress

Scythe design

Scythe design concept sketch

Bianca and Bazil
Scythe Design

Scythe design concept sketch

Willow's Music Watch Design

Concept Sketch of Willow's Music Watch

The Kingdom of Grim Concept Sketch
Marriage Vines

Concept Sketch of Marriage Vines

Marraige Vines Example

Example of Marriage Vines on model

The Twin's Equipment

Xavier's and Alexander's dual-scythes and neck-chain with scythe-spheres.

Willow's Equipment

Willow's scythe, hairstick, and bell-ribbon

Willow Ember
Ringed, Oliver, and Linus (the Three Fates)
Tavius Wasn't Made For Pandemics
Mu Necros Neschali Yettek
Grimish Character Chart
Hecrushou and Aahn
Even Octavius needs a vaccine BIG Magic-Ammo
Willow Ember
Anabelle Goldthorn
Dream Sandist
Roji skrii'etey
Kingdom of Culatia
Emperor Kurn
Sir Xavier Devouh
Willow, Princess of Death and Dream
Willow Fallen Light
Sir Jaqelle "Jaq" Mallory
Herrin Tesler
Sir Janson
Dr. Bianca Florenne, Master Chemist
Happy Kurn
Kurn Muffin
Queen of Neverland, Syreen Lowery
Alice Devouh
Queen Myra
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