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NecroSeam Oracle Cards

Digital Guidebook

Welcome and well met, seasoned and budding oracles alike!

Here you'll find the Official Guidebook for the NecroSeam Chronicles Oracle Cards. Whether you're thinking about buying yourself a deck, or have lost track of your QR code card in your current deck (It happens!), this guidebook is free to the public and may be viewed by anyone and everyone. Inside is an in-depth breakdown of each card within the deck along with their associating Arcana.

To read the digital guidebook, please use the gold buttons below to navigate to specific sections on this page,

or simply scroll at your leisure: 

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What are the NecroSeam Oracle Cards?

A 55 card deck based on the award-winning fantasy saga, the NecroSeam Chronicles, these cards feature lore and arcana that blend the traditional Tarot structure and the free-form style of Oracle cards to create something new and unique, directly inspired and derived from the worldbuilding in the NecroSeam books. All artwork, lore, formatting design, and guidebook text are made by Ellie Raine.

To begin your journey of divination with these unique oracle cards, click the links below! 

Start Your Divination Today!

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