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 Matt   Goodson

 Voice Actor | Narrator | Audio Producer | Musician

Matt Headshot.jpg

NecroSeam Knighthood Allegiance:


Hogwarts House:

Trans Rights are Human Rights


Bard / Sorc (Divine Soul)

Favorite Movies and Shows:

Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Incredibles, X-Men (The Animated Series) 

Favorite Book/ Audio:

The Thief of Always (Clive Barker), The Eye (Audio Drama)

Favorite Video Games:

Mass Effect 1 is the greatest game of all time until you play Mass Effect 2, which is the greatest game of all time until you play Mass Effect 3, which is the greatest game of all time until the last 10 minutes of Mass Effect 3, at which point, Mass Effect 2 is the greatest game of all time.

And then on top of that, there's going down the list of Final Fantasy games.

Do I go by "most playable?", "best story?", "best characters?", "biggest effect on my life?"

No, that would require a whole nother page and discussions for which there is not enough time in the world.

Unlocked Achievements


  • Job Done! :     Had a story published in an Orcish/English Dictionary.

  • Master of Arms:   Be taught your craft by at least three different masters. (Completed with Prize Fighter,  Samurai, Assassin, and [bonus] Necromancer).

  • The Mark of Lilith: Married a champion who is, in every way, your equal/better.

  • Mother of Cats:  Maintain a family of three or more cats without murdering one as they "sing the song of their people" at four in the f***ing morning.

  • Lich King:  Consistently earn the question "HOW ARE YOU NOT DEAD?!?!" when people feel how cold your hands are..

Matt is a professional voiceover talent, and can be heard on TV, the radio, and around the internet promoting various businesses and products, or just being kinda goofy.  He is primarily represented by The People Store, and Carter Creative.  In addition to his professional work, he's been performing with The Atlanta Radio Theatre company since 2015, and can frequently be heard in their studio recordings, at their live shows, and on the ARTC-associated podcast, "Mercury: A Broadcast of Hope" where he plays the recurring character, Jamey Bristowe.

Over the years, he's had the outstanding privilege to be trained by the likes of Bob Carter (Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Fullmetal Alchemist), Eliza Jane Schneider (Southpark, Diablo III, Assassins Creed), Keythe Farley (Mass Effect, Final Fantasy XV, Batboy: The Musical), and Atlanta VO legends like Deb Richards, and Della Cole.

In addition to his VO work, Matt is also a burlesque performer (no body, or all bawdy, nothing in between!), and has been a song-and-dance sparkle monster at locales such as The Bijou Theater, The DragonCon Glamour Geek Revue, and various other venues around Atlanta, and abroad.  As a graduate of The Atlanta School of Burlesque, he has had the enormous good fortune to be a regular performer with The Candybox Review under the stage name, Sweetie Cocktails.

Now, he's signed on to put his character acting to use for The Necroseam Chronicles, and is ecstatic at the opportunity to bring this myriad of characters to life... or... death in some cases.

In his spare time, he manages a research laboratory at The Georgia Institute of Technology.  (Yes, really)

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