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Ellie Raine, Author | Appearances


NecroSeam Knight Allegiance:


Final Fantasy Class:


Favorite Movies and Shows:

How to Train Your Dragon 1-3 / TrollHunters 

Favorite Book Series:

The Legend of Eli Monpress/Tales of the Kin/Discworld/Mistborn

Favorite Videogames:

Final Fantasy (IX, XIV, Crystal Chronicles) /Disgaea: Hour of Darkness / Zelda (Wind Waker & Twilight Princess)

Unlocked Achievements


  • UNDEFEATED: Survived three decades without losing a life.

  • SAURON SALUTE: Married Best friend--he put a ring on it.

  • HUMAN CHIA PET: Grew a daughter.

  • SITTING GLEEMAN: Scribed songs and tales of adventure.

  • STICKER HOARDER: Won awards for said tales of adventure for Writer's Digest (1st place in Fantasy), Readers' Favorite (Silver medal & Honorable Mention in Fantasy), and Book Excellence Awards. 

Writer's Digest award-winning fantasy author Ellie Raine is a voracious BookWyrm when it comes to epic adventures, detailed world-building, and thrilling battles. Fueled by coffee-bean concoctions brewed by the finest caffeine alchemists in the kingdom of Atlanta, Georgia, she only emerges from the depths of these daring tales when she is summoned back to the physical realm to spend time with her brood.


Her high fantasy series, the NecroSeam Chronicles, has won several awards including First Place in Fantasy for Writer's Digest, a Silver Medal for Readers' Favorite International Book Awards, and additional awards from Readers' Favorite and  the Book Excellence Awards.

She is a lover of ravens and a dreamer of dragons, but above all else, she is a scribe to the stories that guide her.




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