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NecroSeam Knight Allegiance:


(Surprise, surprise)

Final Fantasy Class:


Favorite Movies and Shows:

How to Train Your Dragon 1-3 / TrollHunters 

Favorite Book Series:

The Legend of Eli Monpress/Tales of the Kin/Discworld/Mistborn

Favorite Videogames:

Final Fantasy (IX, XIV, Crystal Chronicles) /Disgaea: Hour of Darkness / Zelda (Wind Waker & Twilight Princess)

Unlocked Achievements


  • UNDEFEATED: Survived three decades without losing a life.

  • SAURON SALUTE: Married Best friend--he put a ring on it.

  • HUMAN CHIA PET: Grew a daughter.

  • Sitting Gleeman: Scribed songs and tales of adventure.

  • Sticker Hoarder: Won awards for said tales of adventure (1st Place in Fantasy for Writer's Digest, Silver medal in fantasy for Readers' Favorite 2020, Honorable Mention in Fantasy for Readers' Favorite 2019). *Squee!*

  • Hurdle Defier: Tells dyslexia and agoraphobia to shove off on a regular basis.

Author's Note

Hey all, Ellie here.


This past decade has been quite a journey for me. I doubt my writing experience with the NecroSeam Chronicles will be easily matched with any other book I write in the future. It’s been eleven years full of fun adventures, vigorous study, challenging obstacles, leveling wordcraft skills, and personal growth in my life and these characters. In the time I’ve spent composing this series, I’ve gone to college (hopped around 3, to be exact), took on several smaller jobs in journalism and editing, joined a rock band with my honorary family (love you guys!), married the love of my life, and had a beautiful daughter (our little dragon princess). After everything I’ve been through while writing this story, there are at least two lessons I’ve learned for better or worse:


  1. There is no right answer.

  2. Listen to your heart, not someone else’s.


This series, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, has been one enormous experiment in the study of this malleable chaos that is wordcraft. I’ve spent years learning how to write, attended classes and workshops in creative writing and editing—and perhaps the most frustrating thing about this subject is realizing that, no matter how much you study and analyze its mechanics and techniques, everything you’ve learned could be considered obsolete the next year (what even is the latest number of spaces one should put after a period? Are we still at one, or have we tossed that out alongside the previous two?) Sentence structures, verbification, personification, “showing” versus “telling”, using sensory words with punch to them in favor of more passive words… it’s easy to get caught up in the technicalities of this craft and completely miss the bigger picture:


Are you enjoying what you write?


I’ve used this question to guide me through every story I’ve tackled. If I started yawning, I ditched the original plan and started again in a new direction—one that got my blood pumping and my fingers blurring over the keyboard with giddy cackles. And now that this series is finally coming to a close, I can say without a doubt that I am immensely proud of myself. Proud that I did right by my heart, and proud that I’ve had the honor of creating—and completing—something that means so much to me. There were times I thought I’d never make it to the end of this adventure, yet here I am. All the doubts, depression, grim desires to let it all end just to stop the terrifying noise from the outside world when agoraphobia flared during its worst times… the only thing that got me through those moments was the overpowering fear of never finishing this project. Luckily, strangely, ending this series seems to have given more meaning to life as a whole. I guess that’s what I’d been searching for all this time. I just couldn’t find it until I chipped away the debris and uncovered the sculpture underneath. Funny how our characters can teach us the most valuable lessons life has to offer. And those are lessons I’ll carry with me as I continue my journey with new stories to come, some in the world of Nirus and some elsewhere.


Whatever comes next, I’ll always be sure to have fun along the way—and I hope you will, too.

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