"In ancient times, ere the shifters tread upon this soil, there roamed the human race. These strange new creatures were Father Shel’s cherished creations, borne of the petals of his holy relic, the Blossom of Gold. These humans resembled not the animals which preceded them, yet the Gardener had hoped they, of all, would thrive within his sun-blessed land. Yet lo, a quandary sprouted: Despite his sacred spade and golden hands, he could do naught to sculpt their souls. In this, his wife succeeded, and hence did the Mother Seamstress mold proper souls for these new beings.


"Yet ne’er had Nira beheld such creatures. Having naught a human soul in reserve, she infused the souls of departed animals. With time, the wild souls proved to change the humans in a most peculiar merging, and hence the shifters were borne unto Nirus. In scant ways, these morphing beings could change their form, yet with their e’er-shifting bodies came another quandary:


"Their souls would slip from their vessels, leaving naught but a hollow shell behind.

Henceforth, Nira sought to stitch these shifters’ spirits to their slippery forms, thus creating the NecroSeam."


-From the prelude of the holy Choir, "Creation"

Scribed by the King of Dreams, 0017 A.B.

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