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The Willow of Ashes
The Willow of Ashes

Map of High Everland
Map of High Everland



NecroSeam Chronicles Glossary

The Children of the Relics

The Children of the Relics are the children born of physical mothers whose souls were chosen and blessed by the Gods of Nirus. For each of the five realms, one Relic Child was born: Land, Sky, Ocean, Dream, and Death. To this day, the Relic Children have long been dead and reincarnated for over 2,000 years, their royal Bloodline passed down through the ages. The only Relic Child still alive today is Dream, who doesn’t age at a regular pace due to his timeless residency in the subconscious plane of Aspirre. Each Relic Child was hailed as the Chosen Divines by the realms, since they were the only shifters born with all three of their realm’s elemental Hallows. ​Land was a Terravoker, Arborvoker, and Healer. Sky was an Astravoker, Imbrivoker, and Aerovoker. Ocean was an Aquavoker, Glaciavoker, and Pregravoker. Dream was a Somniovoker, Decepiovoker, and Seer. Death was a Pyrovoker, Necrovoker, and Infeciovoker.


GRIMISH Grimish was spoken nationally by the Grimlings. However, during the reign of Death’s birthmother, Queen GrimishGrimish is the native language of the Death realm, Grim. Before Death and the other Relic Children were born, Nathaleih Shyuhou Ember, she was enthralled with the Landish language and is credited with building its vast popularity in Grim, making it the new primary language in time. Though Grimish is still widely spoken by native Grimlings, Landish is still the dominant language today. Grimish Character Chart. Note: There is a regular script on the left of each box and the fancier script directly beside it on the right. It's been suggested to make this into a font family for everyone to use, but I have yet to figure out how to make that happen. Ellie is not very tech savy!

MARINCIAN​ The native language of Marincia. (Character chart and Lexicon to come later) CULATIAN The native language of Culatia. (Character chart and Lexicon to come later)

The Void and the Great Unknown

The Void is considered purgatory for rotten and sinful souls in the Harmonist religion. It is believed that once the Goddess Nira has Cleansed these souls of their rot and sin, she takes them to the Great Unknown, which is thought to be the “waiting room” for souls to be reborn again.

The Dragons of Nirus

every element of Hallows (with the exception of all Dream Hallows), there is a dragon that embodies that element. DRAGONS OF THE LAND REALM: Barkdragon The Barkdragons are an endangered species of dragon found on the continent of Neverland. They live in dense forests where they can easily camiflouge amongst the trees and greenery with their wood-like skin and long limbs that resemble branches. On their backs are beds of moss that grow various plants, and in the past, many healers tamed the docile creatures to grow herbs needed for mixing healthy tonics. They range from 6'-8' in height, and are as long as most horses. Their lifespan is known to be extrodinarily long, with the oldest Barkdragon recorded being seven-hundred years old. In the late 1600's (A.B.), hunters trapped thousands of Barkdragons to sell on black markets, branding them and forcing them to pull wagons and cargo that were too heavy for their skinny limbs. Most had died due to the harsh treatment, and for the last few hundred years, they were though extinct entirely. Only one has been seen alive since then, but there is hope there may still be more in hiding. Landragon Coming Soon. Stonedragon Coming Soon. DRAGONS OF THE SKY REALM: Skydragon Coming Soon. Shockdragon Coming Soon. Nimdragon Coming Soon. DRAGONS OF THE OCEAN REALM: Seadragon Coming Soon. Bindragon Bindragons are docile, amphibious creatures who swim in the ocean's waters who tend to avoid agrressive Seadragon nests. They are very curious about humans, sometimes following them during sea-fairing travels or latching onto ships with their small suckers lining their underbellies. Most Bindragons are known to be as small as common snakes, but because they have the longest lifespan known to any other dragon (over 1000 years), they can grow to be as large as adolescent Stonedragons, towering over ships and able to crush them with their long bodies if sailors have the misfortune of catching their interests. Frostdragon Coming Soon. DRAGONS OF THE DEATH REALM: Bonedragon Coming Soon. Flamedragon Coming Soon. Poisondragon Coming Soon.

Nirussian Items and Minerals

OLIUM Olium is lightweight, extremely durable mineral that is found in the deeper caves of Grim, where the veins are closest to the planet’s magma-filled mantle and are in a constant liquefied state until extracted and left to cool. Once cooled, the metal can be crafted, but forging the material is incredibly difficult and only skilled smiths are able to handle the task. SPIRITCRYSTAL​ Spiritcrystal is a mineral found in the caverns of Grim. It is a unique crystal which physical skin cannot touch. Adversely, it is one of the few things ghosts can make contact with. The Reapers use this crystal to forge their specialized scythes which allows them to cut a shifter’s necroseam without damaging the body. VISION-GEMS Vision-gems are minerals found in the Land realm’s mines which, when broken apart, can show what the other piece is reflecting. Modern technologies led by Culatia’s top inventors in 2102 A.B. have learned to harness Vision-gems to bring devices such as Vision-screens, communicators, and other numerous devices. LEVI-STONES Levi-stones are magnetized rocks that are repelled only by the planet’s core, causing them to be pushed into the air and kept suspended so long as the oppositely-charged side is facing the core. Culatia’s islands are made of these stones, which is speculated by many geologists as to the reason Culatia’s islands float. STORAGE-GEMS​ Storage-gems are a gummy, gel-like mineral found in Everland’s mines. When an object is pushed inside it, that object’s size and weight shrink to a fifth of its original mass until that object is removed. YINKLÎT GEL Yinklît Gel is sap from a long-leafed plant that is native to Culatia. It is similar to the Aloe vera plant, but instead of possessing soothing properties when applied to burns, Yinklît Gel dampens all Hallows effects when an Evocator’s hands are coated in the substance. If the gel is ingested, it can cause serious damage to an Evocator’s Hallows for several days, and in some cases, it can wipe their magic connection permanently. SHOTRI Shotri are the latest ranged weapons created by Culatia’s top weapon-smiths. They require ammunition made of meta-glass pellets with entrapped elemental magics which, when fired, cause damage or temporary paralysis on a target, depending on the element the pellet housed. META-GLASS Meta-glass is an alloyed material which combines Flexi-glass as the outer layer and Yinklît Gel as the inner layer. With this, Culatia’s top weapon-smiths have used these to make Shockspheres, Flamespheres, Splashspheres and the like, which are then used as ammunition for Shotri. FLEXI-GLASS A gummy, gel-like glass found in Culatia’s mountain peaks that can be stretched and manipulated with ease while still wet. Once it has been through a kiln, it solidifies and become as fragile as normal glass.

The NecroSeam

The NecroSeam is a ghostly thread which sews a soul to its vessel. When a shifter of Nirus dies, the soul is still bound to its body by their NecroSeam. If three days pass without a Reaper coming to cut the NecroSeam and free the soul from its expired vessel, the trapped soul rots inside its corpse and merges into an undead creature that can only be killed by a weapon made of Spiritcrystal.

The Shifters

The world of Nirus is inhabited entirely by shifters, but they aren't quite the traditional shapeshifters who can transform from one human form to a full-on beast form. The shifters of Nirus are seen possessing traits of some kind (Ringëd Fleedfûrt is the only exception in the books) but these traits usually only consist of wings, horns, claws, teeth, ears, tails, scales, fins, etc. In the series, most shifters are born with a majority of their traits already showing (referred to as Primary Shifts), but some only appear when they are threatened or upset (teeth/talons/claws and even extra feathers/scales/fur). Mammals seem to be the main beings whose traits actually shift, with their ears, claws and teeth. Antlers and horns are always out and don’t retract, nor do wings and scales. The fish shifters are the most unique due to their inherent ability to switch their Primary Shift to tails or legs when they are in or out of water, and this is the largest range of shifting that happens among the shifters.


Evocators are shifters born with elemental magic. There are fifteen elements in total, though most Evocators only possess one element. In rare cases, some are born with two elements and are known as Dual-Evocators. 1 in 5,000 shifters are single-elemental Evocators and 1 in 10,000 shifters are Dual-Evocators. For a more extensive break down of Evocators and their abilities, check out the Evocator's page in the World Notes on the official website. Evocator Marks: Death Mark Elements of Hallows associated with the Death mark: Necrovoker: Ressurects corpses and manipulated deceased souls Pyrovoker: Conjures and manipulates fire Infeciovoker: Conjures and senses infections Dream Mark Elements of Hallows associated with the Dream mark: Somniovoker: Manipulates dreams Decepiovoker: Conjures visual illusions Seer: Divines they past, present, and future Ocean Mark Elements of Hallows associated with the Ocean mark: Aquavoker: Conjures and manipulates water Glaciavoker: Conjures and manipulates ice Pregravoker: Controls water pressure and density Sky Mark Elements of Hallows associated with the Sky mark: Aerovoker: Conjures and manipulates air Astravoker: Conjures and manipulates lightning Imbrivoker: Conjures and manipulates precipitation (i.e. rain and snow) Land Mark Elements of Hallows associated with the Land mark: Terravoker: Manipulates stone and metal Arborvoker: Manipulates plants and lumber Healer: Conjures and enhances remedies

The Hallows

The Hallows are the “Gods’ Blessings”, which are elemental magics to which certain shifters are born. A shifter’s Hallows element is defined based on the realm they are from. For each realm, there are three elements. Those who have been Blessed (known as Evocators) are commonly given only one element, but there are a rare few who are born a Dual-Evocator and are Blessed with two elements. Those born without Hallows are often known as the Hallowless. Only the Relicbloods (those who are descendants of the Relic Children) have ever possessed all three of their patron realm’s Hallows. For a more extensive breakdown of the Hallows and what they can do, check out the Evocator's page in the world notes of the official website.

The Realms of Nirus

Nirus is the world in which the NecroSeam Chronicles is set. It features the five realms of Land, Sky, Ocean, Dream and Death. Each realm inherently has its personal follies and fortunes, and their militaries are focused on specialized jobs unique to their homeland countries. EVERLAND and NEVERLAND (Land Realm) The realm of Land is comprised of two continents called Everland and Neverland. While the two continents are still under the jurisdiction of Shel’s patronage (The God of Life), the country underwent a cultural rift when its Relicblood was murdered by an unnamed Infeciovoker and an heir was not available to rule. At the time of the realm’s paradigm shift, there had been one whole continent (Everland), but in the late 1500s, due to its sudden lack of leadership, there was much controversy over who would take the throne next. Half the country wanted a man on the throne and the other half wanted a woman. Instead of reaching an agreement, the two sides split the realm’s territories in half. Near the same time that this decision was made, the very land itself began to break due to a strange continental drift, and tore into two continents. No one in Nirus is exactly sure why this physical break happened alongside its cultural break, but many clergymen have speculated that Shel Himself tore apart the country as a testament to His disapproval for either side’s actions. Today, there are still those of the resistance who believe the true heir to Land’s throne will return. The knights of Everland are the Rockraiders, an all-male brotherhood who specialize in the sword. Their duties are to protect those affected by quakes and keep back colossal Stonedragons that wander into residential towns after hibernation season. the knights of Neverland are the Leaflites, an all-female sisterhood who also spcialize in the sword. Their duties are to keep farmlands fertile and keep the citizens fed and guarded from outside threats. The unified knights of the Land realm overall (in ancient times/currently being reformed), are the Bladesworn, with both men and women taking up the sword and protecting from all threats the mid-realm has to offer. The sacred Relic of Ever/Neverland is the Blossom of Gold, which is said to strengthen the fertility of the Land realm's crops and fortify the stones of its mountains. CULATIA (Sky Realm) Culatia is made of floating islands in the sky which revolve around the globe exactly once per year (1 year=300 days on Nirus). The islands’ patron deity is Ushar, whose cultural philosophy is dedicated to the thrill of games first, and the hard work of serious matters second, which is the reverse for its cultural opposite, Marincia. The shifters of this realm are typically birds or winged dragons. The knights of the Sky realm are the Stormchasers. They specialize in archery. Their duties are to bring rain during harsh droughts, collect lightning from thunderstorms so the realms may have electricity, and to protect citizens from dangerous weather conditions as needed. Ushar's sacred Relic is the Phoenix of Scarlet, said to be a mighty bird of glass and lightning that rises from scarlet sands during powerful storms. MARINCIA (Ocean Realm) Marincia’s territories are the islands known as "the Flowering Trail" that lie between the two continents of Land. Its glacial capital city is Yu'nn Quissette in the frosted southern hemisphere west of Everland. Marincia's patron deity is Rin, the God of Beauty and the sea. whose cultural philosophy is dedicated to the hard work of serious matters first, and the relaxation of leisure activities second, which is the reverse for its cultural opposite, Culatia. The shifters of this realm are typically fish and other oceanic animals. The knights of the Ocean realm are the Wavecrashers. They specialize in the trident. Their duties are to rescue distressed ships out at sea and guard citizens from floods and typhoons. Rin's sacred Relic is the Pearl of Emerald, said to be the source of the freezing chill for Marincia's icy waters, and is rumored to control the underwater currents that stretch across the globe. ASPIRRE (Dream Realm) Aspirre is the most unique realm of the five. Unlike its physical neighbors, Aspirre is purely the subconscious plane to which shifters’ souls visit in their dreams. The realm itself is described as an empty void, but it is also mentioned that various roads and small, replica cities are found floating in the abyss. These roads and cities are created by local Somniovokers who have “woven” them together with their dream magic. This realm is also unique because it exists in a plane that has no concept of “time”. The king of Aspirre, the Relic Child Dream, is said to have lived in his timeless kingdom for over 2,000 years, yet barely looks to be in his late teens or early twenties since he lives there both physically and spiritually. The knights of the Dream realm are the Dreamcatchers. They specialize in either the shepherd's crook or their minds (for they can conjure any weapon they choose in Aspirre). This knighthood is exclusive to Somniovokers. Their duties are to protect sleeping civilians from dying in their dreams, finding lost memories that are scattered throughout Aspirre, and guard helpless dreamers from the Dream realm's demons called the Noctis Golems. Aspirre’s patron deity is Iri, the God of Time. Iri's sacred Relic is a trio of crystal balls called the Orbs of Azure, which can show anyone the Past, Present, and Future even if they don't possess the Hallows of prophecy. The Orb of the Present is the most powerful of the three, as it allows the user to transport their physical bodies into Aspirre at will. GRIM (Death Realm) Grim is an underground kingdom of freezing caverns and wide, hollow tunnels which are located beneath the mid-realms of Land and Ocean. The continents are directly under Land’s continents, but are instead called “Low” Everland and “Low Neverland”. The cities are prefixed with “low” as well if they are directly (or approximately) located under the relative cities on the surface lands. Grim’s ceiling is coated in long stalactites, but they are hidden within thick, twisting cavern mists. Within these mists are cold, glowing balls called the “Floating Lights”, which are one of the only things the ghosts residing in Grim can touch. Though Grim is the designated safe house for ghosts (due to the various mines where a specter-friendly mineral called Spiritcrystal lines the uppercrust/cavern's ceiling and is often extracted and exported as one of Grim's natural resources) the ghosts co-inhabit the caves with living shifters as well. Grim’s patron deity is Nira, the Goddess of Death. She is said to be the creator of all souls and stitches their NecroSeams into their physical vessels after Shel has given them life. She is also thought to be the Cleanser of souls who have rotted, destroying deseases that befell the wicked in their previous life before they begin a new one in the cycle. The knights of the Death realm are the Reapers. They specialize in the scythe. Their duties are to reap a citizen's NecroSeam when their time has come to release the trapped soul from its vessel before it rots and forms a demon called a Necrofera (the "wild dead"), and to guide released souls to their afterlives in the caverns of Grim. Nira's sacred Relic is a crystal willow tree called the Willow of Ashes, whose Spiritcrystal roots are said to branch all throughout Grim's caverns. The Willow also attracts wandering ash from all across Grim after great fires have been snuffed, coating its bark and leaves in the ash.