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It was great seeing you at AWA '22! Are you going to CONjuration, too?

This was such a great year at AWA! I met a ton of you there and made some new friends, too! We have a lot of announcements to go through today, like welcoming new subscribers, updates on Audiobook 3, our new Patreon, our new Discord server, the team's CONjuration schedule for this weekend, and the AWA '22 photo gallery!

Welcome, New Subscribers!

First, I'd like to give a huge welcome to the new subscribers who joined this past weekend--thank you so much for becoming a member!

What you'll find on this site:

Audiobook 3 Update!

You've all been so patient waiting for the release of book 3's audiobook, we can't thank you enough! I'm happy to report that we're almost there! Editing has officially passed the 50% line, and I'm absolutely smitten with the incredible quality Matt and Christa continue to produce. This 3rd installment is the best yet, and from what we've all discussed with the next two books, it's only going to get better.


The NecroSeam Exclusive Patreon is up and running! We even have a tier set up that will let you request personalized mp3 files of Matt and/or Christa saying ANYTHING in the voice of ANY character from the books. Once you sign up for that tier, you need but to ask!


Yep, we have a Discord now! Hang out and chat with Ellie, Matt, Christa, and the NecroSeam community! We have so much fun being our goofy selves.


Next stop (and last stop for the convention tour until 2023!) is CONjuration! And GUESS WHAT! Ellie won't be the only team member to be coming this year! MATT AND CHRISTA ARE COMING TOO! We'll be hosting a panel about creating audiobooks Sunday (Nov.6th) at 10:00 A.M. sharp! You won't want to miss these insightful shenanigans!

And here are the rest of Ellie's panels this weekend for CONjuration: DOWNLOAD COMPREHENSIVE PDF BELOW

CONjuration 2022 Panel Schedule
Download PDF • 290KB



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