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NecroSeam Chronicles, new covers
NecroSeam Chronicles, new covers

Check out the award-winning gothic fantasy saga, the NecroSeam Chronicles

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NecroSeam Chronicles
NecroSeam Chronicles

Check out the award-winning Gothic Fantasy saga, the NecroSeam Chronicles

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Kurn Apparel
Kurn Apparel

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NecroSeam Chronicles, new covers
NecroSeam Chronicles, new covers

Check out the award-winning gothic fantasy saga, the NecroSeam Chronicles

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Want to Know what Knight you'd be?


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Reaper's Creed

I am a guide of fallen souls, for those death’s taken hold.


Not a bringer of the end, all souls I will defend.


Never will I turn away if there are Seams untied; beside my Brothers I will stand, living or otherwise.


I’ll not let actions souls once took deter me from my duty; I will forgive old histories and never show one cruelty.


I am a destined guard who has been chosen from the masses, who only kneels and places faith within the wolf of ashes.


Protect, defend, preserve, and foster every life and afterlife; with this creed I will swear to conquer rotted strife.


I am a knight of Death, a Reaper of Grim.

Whether this life or the next, both in life and after death.

Dreamcatcher's Creed

I will act but to observe and assist when there is need; I’ll not judge dreaming souls while watching over them in sleep.


I understand that all have vices, and no one lacks of virtue; their spoken words and actions done will never prove to stir me.


I will consider outcomes for every small decision, and know that any action or event has repercussion.


Those of us who share this creed know well to heed its words; if one were to stray away, I know it’s not my say.


Every soul is precious and must be kept from hazard, and so I pledge my loyalty to the fox of azure.


I am the one who wakes you when your dreams are filled with darkness; I am the one who keeps you safe and weaves away your sadness.


I am a knight of Aspirre, a Catcher of Dreams.

Here I am and there I was, and now will always be.

Stormchaser's Creed

A wisp of wind, a spray of rain; when thunder cracks, I’'ll save the day!


While storms are often seen as dreary, I know true the clouds so cheery!


Though excited, I’ll not ignore my duties in the storm; and I’m prepared to face the dangers that for you may come.



Ready my stance and take my place, then off I go, no time to waste!


I’ll never deny a game of thrill, the Swallow of Scarlet will instill.



I am a knight who seeks excitement, one who welcomes Culatia’s enticement!


Ready am I, a Stormchaser set,

Going and going, no time for regret!

Wavecrasher's Creed

I am a sailor’s patron in these waters, I concede; with grace and iced humility, I vow to guard the seas.



Be warned, I must, on duty for each wave may lap my cruelty; fancies wait till end of work, for I shall stay alert.


Whether fish or impish bird, I swear to be your light; guiding ships and seaward vessels through the dark of night.



In coldest winds, in hottest rays, for weather I’ll not stop; a life’s a life, I understand, and will not let you drop.



Acting without pause, I will do what I feel sensible; ever I will swim beside the Seadragon of Emerald



I am he and she who plucks you from the storm's cold brew; I'm the one who dives for you when reefs have caught your crew.



I am a knight of Ocean, a Crasher of the waves.

Swimming far through seas and caves, for you I’m here to save.

BladeSworn's Creed

My courage is my honor and my honor is my strength; to preserve a life I swear I’ll go to any measured length.

I promise I will cast aside my fancies for this creed; I am one of principle, there is no place for greed.

By the mountains will I stand, strong and ever vigilant; when I am tempted by the darkness, remember sacred covenant.

Dragon, groundquake, beast or God; ever will I swear my blade to keep a life from harm.

With my sword and naked hand, I pledge a heart of iron; my one and only fealty lies within the Golden Lion.

I am the rock to keep you steady when roads are cracked and sandy; I am the blade to keep you safe when you're too hurt to parry.

I am a knight of Land; my blade is for my country.

Holding fast and holding true, for the old and new.