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NecroSeam Audiobook 4 is here! And CONjuration is this weekend!

You read that right, NecroSeam Audiobook 4, Phoenix of Scarlet, it out!

The bad news is, it's still processing with a few platforms like Audible (they take far longer than other platforms to process for unknown reasons) so if you use any of the other platforms like or AppleBooks etc, go ahead and check for Phoenix of Scarlet so you can start listening now!


I know it's been a while since any of you heard from me, and I want to formally apologize for my absence this year. I've been fighting back-to-back illnesses since March, and the few days between those illnesses were met with back-to-back family emergencies and deaths, so I have been in mourning with my family and not feeling up for being online. For those of you who have messaged me on social media, thank you so much for your kind words and support through this rough year. I'm only now starting to feel better, so if I haven't replied to your messages yet, please bear with me as I work through my neglected inbox.

There are a few updates to address:

NecroSeam Audiobook 4 is out on most audiobook platforms

(still waiting on Audible, however.)

I wrote a short story that was featured in the Jordan Con 2023 charity anthology "The Leaf Does No Harm"!

My story is the one title "Ravensong", and it won 1st Place in the Multiverse 2023 short story contest hosted by Inkd Pub! Give it a read, along with the other awesome short stories featured there!

  • There are quite a few changes for the convention this year, and I'm so excited I'm basically vibrating. You've GOT to come by and have fun with us! It's my favorite Convention of all time, and you'll see why when you come. It's the only convention I've ever been to that feels like an indoor Ren Fair. There are games, panels, events, activities, workshops, classes, dancing, shopping, and of course cosplay for the whole family (Yep, they have family-friendly activities for kids during the day and after-hour events for the adults at night). There's something for everyone there. Please come and say hi, get your books signed, and have fun!!! *NOTE: I am sold out of the new anthology with my award-winning short story, so if you want a signed copy, please get your very own copy on amazon and bring it to the convention to get it signed!

That's all for now! See you there!

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