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Savannah Comic Con Wrap Up!

Chanerr hou everyone!

This last weekend was amazing!! I wasn't expecting to see so many of you here from the newsletter!! I seriously can't tell you how much that meant to me! I was in so much disbelief (and maybe a liiiiitle too excited) that I completely forgot to ask most of you for pictures to put on the blog. That's my bad!! Next time you all come around, if I forget to ask again, feel free to badger me about it!

Photo dump!


A few small updates here on the website:

1) I added the Book-Braid Bookmarks to the store officially! Those of you who asked for them to be put on there, you can now order away!

2) I added an "appearances" list to my Author page here on the website to make it easier for ya'll to see where I'm going to be next (it was a special request from one of you, so voi la! Ask and you shall receive!) Scroll down to the bottom to see the list!

Pearl of Emerald Audiobook Update:

Matt is still chugging away at these edits, and holy crap, he's outdone himself on these last edits. The sound effects and music are on a whole 'nother level from books 1 and 2, so get ready to strap in for this one!!!

Kurn Plushie Kickstarter imminent!

As you can see from the photodump above, the prototype Kurn plushie is here!! Now I just need to figure out how this kickstarter thing works to start funding so I can put these little guys out for you guys!

Where will Ellie be next?

Up next are the following events:

Hope to see you there!


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