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Book 1 of the NecroSeam Chronicles (epub file). Compatible with iphone, Kindle and Android devices. (The link to the file will be emailed to you after checkout.)


When the Reaper comes, your fate is sealed. Unless you are the Reaper.


1st Place Winning Fantasy! Epic battles, elemental magic, high adventure! This new sensational series explores what it means to live, die, and fight for hope in times of darkness.


★★★★★ "If Tim Burton had written Lord of the Rings" - Vincent E.M. Thorn, 5-star review




  • Writer's Digest Self-published ebook award (Book 1)
  • Readers' Favorite international book award (Book 1 & Book 5)
  • Book Excellence Award Honoree (Book 1 & Book 3)


Apprentice Reaper Xavier Devouh has lost his body. But his soul is still here... Inside his twin.


For the five kingdoms of Nirus, death is managed by the knights of Grim: the Reapers. When you die, your NecroSeam (the thread stitching your soul to your body) must be reaped to begin your transition into the afterlife. But Xavier never had his Seam reaped. He only remembers being thrown off a cliff before waking inside his brother. But how did this happen? Is his body still alive? And who is the ashen-haired princess from his broken memories?


Desperate to exist again, Xavier and his brother journey to the other kingdoms to find his missing body and reverse his bizarre curse. But they aren't the only ones looking for Xavier, and they're not all here to help. As he uncovers the mystery behind his curse, Xavier learns the prophecy surrounding them will only make things worse. If it doesn't kill them first.


Willow of Ashes is the first installment of the COMPLETED 5-book saga, the award-winning NecroSeam Chronicles. Fans of Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn will love this epic adventure!


Book's Special Features

  • Action & Adventure
  • World Map
  • Epic battles
  • Gothic mystery
  • Complex magic systems
  • Extensive world-building
  • Immersive narration
  • Splash of Romance
  • Witty humor
  • Unique steam-and-magic technology


Rated PG-13 (Trigger Warnings)

  • Graphic violence
  • Mild cursing

(eBook) Willow of Ashes (NecroSeam Chronicles Book #1)