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Willow of Ashes (NecroSeam Chronicles #1)


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A necromancer's soul is torn from his body... and sealed inside his twin.

Xavier and Alexander are twin necromancer brothers whose magic was split at birth. Alexander raises decaying corpses while Xavier stitches deceased souls inside. Raised to respect the dead and protect all souls in the afterlife, the brothers trained extensively to become honorable Reaper knights of the underground kingdom of Grim. But as boys, Xavier was thrown off a cliff by an assassin with poisonous magic and disappeared into the ocean. He was declared dead, but his soul became trapped inside his brother, and they've lived together in secret for six years.


Now nearing twenty, they undertake a dangerous journey to find the hope they've sought for so long. But with a nest of demons invading the lands and mountainous dragons destroying towns, their simple search turns into a living nightmare. 

Elsewhere, a skilled lady Reaper named "Lilli" is sent on a mission to find Xavier for reasons of her own, but instead finds herself battling demons more often than she expected as the beasts multiply the longer her journey continues.

And while they venture separate paths, each has a role to play in an ancient prophecy looming over the five realms

To survive, they must fight together for a better future for all.



Hey all, Ellie here!


I'm super proud to say this is a multi-award winning series. It's been a crazy ride of plotting, crying, laughing, maniacle cackling while writing this story for over ten years, and it's incredibly strange that it's completed now. For those who have stuck with me since day one, I love you all. This story would not have existed without your support. I can't thank you enough.


Awards for Willow of Ashes (Book 1):

  1. First place winner of Writer’s Digest 7th Annual Self-Published eBook Award - 2019.
  2. Readers' Favorite International Book Award, Fantasy, Honorable Mention - 2019.


Awards for Blossom of Gold (Book 5):

  1. Silver Medal, Readers' Favorite International Book Award, Fantasy - 2020.


Willow of Ashes (NecroSeam Chronicles Book #1)

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