SIGNED boxset of books 1-5 of the complete NecroSeam Chronicles, multi-award winning fantasy saga.


His future as a knight was stolen by a vengeful sorcerer. Now he fights to take it back.


Xavier had always dreamed of becoming an honorable knight and join the brotherhood of Reapers, sworn to protect and guide souls of the dead to the underground kingdom of Grim. At fourteen, his future had never been brighter after falling in love with the ashen-haired Princess of Grim, pledging to be together in this life and the next. Then one festive night, a dark sorcerer poisoned Xavier's soul and tossed him into the ocean to die. The young knight was lost at sea and proclaimed dead. But somehow Xavier's soul was ripped out of his body and bound to another vessel... his twin brother.

For six years, Xavier has been cursed to live half a life, and recalls nothing of his past save for a terrifying assassin and a young Reaper princess he longs to remember. Despite the dismal odds, he still hopes to find his body alive and is determined to do everything he can to reclaim his future.

Even if it means fighting an ancient Demon Queen and her army of soul-thirsting creatures ordered to finish what began over five-hundred years ago.




First place winner of Writer’s Digest 7th Annual Self-Published eBook Award, Willow of Ashes is the first book of the NecroSeam Chronicles, a multiple award-winning Epic Fantasy series. Ellie Raine has weaved together bits of Arthurian legends, Greek mythology and Grim Reaper lore into an intricate world of complex magic, unusual characters and unpredictable plots. Now, after twelve years of sketching, outlining on countless sticky notes, and stringing plots together on tangled webs of whiteboards, Ellie Raine has at last completed her full fantasy series of magical quests, daring adventures, and tales of kinship, love and courage. The final book in the NecroSeam Chronicles series, Blossom of Gold, just won a Silver Medal in Fantasy for the Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards 2020.

SIGNED - Complete Pentalogy Boxset of NecroSeam Chronicles (Books 1-5)

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