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Limited Edition Covers--Complete 5 book set of the NecroSeam Chronicles.


A vivid new world filled with deep lore rooted in magic, shrouded in gothic mystery, and seeping with extraordinary worldbuilding.

Twin Reapers of prophecy are cursed by dark magic. Now they are soulbound to one body.

Xavier, an apprentice Reaper knight, is thrust into a dark prophecy when his soul is ripped from his body and sealed inside his twin brother. To free himself, he must cross the five realms of Land, Sky, Ocean, Dream, and Death to find his missing vessel. But the twins are unaware a mysterious woman Reaper seeks to reunite the brothers and save the realms from foretold destruction... For the fate of the world hinges on these cursed twin Reapers. And they are not prepared for what's to come.


***Author's Note***


I'm super proud to say this is a multi-award winning fantasy series. It's been a crazy ride of plotting, crying, laughing, and maniacle cackling while writing this story. To be honest, it feels super unreal that it's actually finished after 11 years. Just... wow. I basically grew up alongside these characters and learned just as much from them as they learned from their adventures. I hope you enjoy the journey also!


This is the complete 5-book set of the story from start to finish. Available in paperback or hardcover, always signed with no additional charge. Special reduced price for a limited time!




Book 1:
First place winner of Writer’s Digest 7th Annual Self-Published eBook Award - 2019.
Readers' Favorite International Book Award, Fantasy, Honorable Mention - 2019.

Book Excellence Awards, Finalist - 2021

Book 5:
Silver Medal, Readers' Favorite International Book Award, Fantasy - 2020.


(Limited Edition Covers) Complete Set of NecroSeam Chronicles (Books 1-5)

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$73.95Sale Price
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