SIGNED copy of Princess of Shadow and Dream (A NecroSeam Prequel). Available only in Paperback.


After living five-hundred years in her father's timeless realm of Dreams, Princess Myra is excited to visit the physical plane of the shadowy Death kingdom, even if it's only to assist the king of Dreams with an important mission. But, when the Death prince is almost killed in his dreams, Myra reluctantly agrees to watch over him in the metaphysical domain.

As a Reaper knight and heir to the underworld realm of Death, Prince Serdin is experienced at hunting undead beasts that plague this world. Dream-stalking monsters is an entirely different matter. When the prince is attacked in the subconscious realm, he is helpless to defend himself, and it's the eccentric Princess of Dreams who ends up rescuing the prince.

But, despite her strong powers, Myra is no match for a demon sorceress with an army of undead soldiers who can cross from the physical to the metaphysical domains for the first time. Now Serdin and Myra must combine their magic Hallows of Death and Dream to fight their nightmares in both realms.

SIGNED - Princess of Shadow and Dream (NecroSeam Chronicles prequel)

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