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Lady Alice Joins the Ranks

So, for those of you who know (or just looked at my personal site) I'm in a band. Music is a huge part of my life, and it always makes me giddy to add a new instrument to the cavalry. Today I fell in love with this beautiful soldier, so everyone salute the fearsome Lady Alice, First Fangs general of Ellie's melodious army.

Lady Alice

Why the name Lady Alice? In my book, Willow of Ashes, Fangs Alice is actually the commanding general of Grim's military force. She and her husband, Howllord Lucas, have near-royalty status and therefore great influence in Grim between her military prowess and his political standing as the Death King's acting ambassador.

So, I'm super excited that the power couple are together now! Oh, how it warms my heart... heh, heh.

Lord Lucas

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