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The Six Laws of Death

Chanerr hou, everyone!

A new addition to the World Notes tab has been added to the site. Heed well these Six Laws of Death--else you may lose your head...


One shall not end a shifter’s life before their natural time has expired. Exceptions shall be extended only to those defending themselves or others.


​deceased souls shall never be left to rot in their expired vessels. their necroseam must be reaped once their vessel has died.


​One shall not release a shifter’s soul before their vessel’s time has ended.


​permittance to wield weapons of pure and allowed spiritcrystal shall be exclusively bestowed upon Reapers and their apprentices.


​Should a shifter’s necroseam be cut before their time has expired, the breathing vessel must be put to rest.


​No harm shall be tolerated towards black birds of any kind,. Black birds shall not be kept captive. Exceptions of captivity are extended to black birds which must be nursed back to heath. though, once healed, the black birds must be released immediately.

Mu necros neschali yettek...

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