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A Great Time At Jordan Con

Another year passed, another Jordan Con come and gone. I want to reach out and give a deep thanks to the staff of Jordan Con for making this convention particularly smooth and stress-free for attendees and guests. While this wasn't my first visit to Jordan Con, it was the first year I came as a guest author. I have a strong feeling this Con will be my absolute favorite to come back to in the coming years and hope to death I will be returning next year as a guest. I'll definitely be sure to apply as soon as forms become available for 2018.

There are so many names to thank for the wonderful times had this past weekend (and I'll attempt to list them all) but special thanks go out to my loving husband (who stuck with me through the adventure and was a good sport about dressing up with me on Saturday), my partner in crime, Retta Bodhaine, who committed good times and silly shenanigans in the name of photography fun, and my parents who stopped by to show their support and love for their stubborn daughter who didn't give up as they had taught.

Without further ado, here are all the photos from Jordan Con (Fortune Teller and Crystal Ball photos credited to Retta Bodhaine--go check out her stuff!):

Shout out to the authors I met, or saw again at the con:

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