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Nightingale, Edition 2?! Why, yes!

Chanerr everyone! Yep, that's right - I've republished Nightingale with a second edition, now named The Grudges of Gods, Nightingale book 1. The story itself is mostly the same with a few changes sprinkled in, and the cover has been upgraded!


Exciting right? I know!! I'm super stoked! You can get it here !

ALSO! NecroSeam Audiobook 3 is more than halfway recorded!!!!! AAAHHHH!!!

I'm having a blast hearing the narrators' reactions to the story progression. I can NOT wait until they get the to climax!!


In other news, my convention schedule has bulked up this year for 2022, so here's a short list of where I'll be this year:

Ellie Raine 2022 Convention Schedule:

  1. Feb. 11-13: Atlanta Steampunk Expo

  2. Feb. 18-20: Connooga

  3. April 22-24: Jordan Con

  4. May 19-22: Orlando Megacon

  5. May 26-29: MoMo Con

  6. June 3-5: Con Carolinas

  7. July 30-31: Savannah Mega Comic Con

  8. Sept. 1-5: Dragon Con

  9. Oct. 14-16: Multiverse

  10. Nov. 4-6: CONjuration


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