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Savannah Mega Comic Con NecroSeam wrap up! New subscribers, welcome!

Hey everyone!

I know I'm a bit behind with these updates, but I'm terrible at juggling real life with social media. I wanted to give a quick update on the new cover changes, let you know where I'll be headed next (Tampa Bay Comic Con, here we come!) and, of course, welcome all the new subscribers that signed up this last weekend!

To the new subscribers:

Welcome and well met! Thank you so much for joining the fun! I promise not to pester you too much with these emails. Feel free to take a look around the website, there's plenty of content to browse through like:

And more! Also, don't be shy in the comments section here, either, let's chat it UP!

The New Cover Update:

We pulled the trigger on the new covers! They're all loaded up and ready to go on Amazon, and the other vendors are currently processing!

  • For those who want paperback copies of the older covers:

You can only get them here on the website or through me in person at conventions until we run out of stock. Once they're out, that'll be it, and the new covers will replace them at conventions, too.

  • For those who want HARDCOVER copies of the older covers:

I'm sorry to say we're officially SOLD OUT of book 1 in the old cover series. We do have a few hardcover copies of books 2-5, but they are very few and far between, so if you want them, order them through the store ASAP.

Tampa Bay Comic Con, July 30-August 1st:

My next convention will be Tampa Bay Comic Con this coming weekend! If you're stopping by, come find our table and say hi! It's going to be loads of fun!

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