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So much love at Con Nooga!

This year's Con Nooga was worth the unexpected wait from the pandemic. I felt more at home than I've ever been there, meeting new friends and reacquainting with old ones--it really was an amazing weekend!

For those returning readers who came for more of my books:

I can't thank you enough for all the love! It means everything to see my writing get so much praise and hearing they brought you all joy means I must be doing something right with my job! Your support has been the biggest motivator for me to continue writing (and hopefully I'll have a new book out soon!). In short: YOU ALL ROCK AND I LOVE YOU!!!

For those who are new to me, my books, and this newsletter:

WELCOME! I hope you enjoy the books and have fun alongside the characters! You can take a look around the site to see more information about the NecroSeam Chronicles with maps, music, audiobooks, and even take the personality test to see what type of NecroSeam knight you'd be! You'll find a bunch of fun merch and apparel in the store to show off your knighthood's allegiance, too! (I'm in the process of designing the knights' badges as patches and enamel pins, so hopefully those will be ready soon!) If you have any questions or want to chat, find me on my social media links or contact me through the contact page on this site! I'd love to hear from you!

Audiobook 3 update:

Christa and Matt have been hard at work recording the audiobook for Pearl of Emerald, and they're over halfway now! I can't wait to have this one out with all the new characters and songs!!


On a different note, I have a huge favor to ask of readers. This weekend after chatting with a lot of you at Con Nooga, we discovered many of you tried to leave reviews on Amazon months/years ago, but we have yet to see them listed. After talking with other authors, it seems like this has become a pattern for Amazon to block and delete reviews of what they call "unverified purchases" (meaning, books that were not directly purchased through amazon's website). Unfortunately, that means if you bought my books in person at conventions or through your local book store (which is most of my readers, heh), then Amazon will likely block any reviews you try to leave for the books.

So, to combat this, I would be SO grateful if you left honest reviews of my books on multiple platforms, just in case your review gets blocked or deleted from Amazon. If you go to our review page on this site, it will show you all the places you can leave a review.

Thank you all so much!!!

Where will Ellie be next?

  1. April 22-24: Jordan Con

  2. May 19-22: Orlando Megacon

  3. May 26-29: MoMo Con

  4. June 3-5: Con Carolinas

  5. July 30-31: Savannah Mega Comic Con

  6. Sept. 1-5: Dragon Con

  7. Oct. 14-16: Multiverse

  8. Nov. 4-6: CONjuration

Happy Reading!

- Ellie

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