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A Prequel of the NecroSeam Chronicles (epub file). Compatible with iphone, Kindle and Android devices. (The link to the file will be emailed to you after checkout.)


When you're a princess of the dead, your family has deadly secrets.


★★★★★ "If Tim Burton had written Lord of the Rings" - Vincent E.M. Thorn, 5-star review for Willow of Ashes, book 1 of the NecroSeam Chronicles


Princess Willow thought training her magic would be her greatest challenge. She was very, very wrong.


Even as a young girl, Princess Willow has struggled with her magical studies, especially in the arcane arts of raising the dead. Being the daughter of the Death King and a princess of the Dream kingdom, the world expects great things from her. But can she deliver? Although she's already surpassed her peers in the martial art of the scythe and is ready to join her father on her first demon hunt, she fears her ineptitude with magic will be her downfall if she doesn't improve, and quickly.


But while she obsesses over her morbid studies, Willow starts to notice her mother is acting strange. Being a powerful oracle, her mother is always cryptic and mysterious, but she can't recall a time the queen was this shaken. While her father is focused on training Willow to be the next ruler of Grim, and Willow is becoming distracted by a charming new reaper boy in the kingdom, her mother has been scouring the shadows of the palace as if preparing for something ominous.


If she's seen a vision of the future, Willow worries whatever is coming will have horrific consequences... and no amount of preparation will help.


Awards for the NecroSeam Chronicles

  • Writer's Digest Self-published ebook award (Book 1, Willow of Ashes)
  • Readers' Favorite international book award (Book 1, Willow of Ashes & Book 5, Blossom of Gold)
  • Book Excellence Award Honoree (Book 1, Willow of Ashes & Book 3, Pearl of Emerald)


Dark mysteries, enchanting magic, devastating consequences. The horrors of our past haunt us. Trauma can't be healed with magic... but maybe the next generation can find a way.


From the 1st Place Winning Fantasy series, the NecroSeam Chronicles, comes this mystical prequel of overcoming our weaknesses and turning them into our greatest strengths. Princess of Grim is a prequel of the COMPLETED 5-book saga, the award-winning NecroSeam Chronicles.


Book's Special Features:

  • Action & Adventure
  • Gothic Mysteries
  • Complex magic systems
  • Extensive world-building
  • Immersive narration
  • Splash of Romance
  • Witty humor
  • Unique steam-and-magic technology


Rated PG-13 (Trigger Warnings)

  • Graphic violence
  • Mild cursing


(eBook) Princess of Grim (NecroSeam Chronicles Prequel)