SIGNED copy of Blossom of Gold (NecroSeam Chronicles #5). Autographed by award-winning author, Ellie Raine.


From Award winning author, Ellie Raine, comes the long-awaited Epic Finale of her Fantasy Series, The NecroSeam Chronicles!

Endorsed by Woman's World Book Club, America's bestselling magazine!
"Exhilarating action and dynamic characters come to life in this page-turning saga.."

The End of Existence is near. Prophecy says only the ShadowBlood can stop it. But what if the prophecy is wrong? What if the ShadowBlood twins will actually be the ones who destroy the world?

With the Death King now dead, the crown has been passed to Willow and Xavier. It's time to return to Grim and claim the throne. Their journey home takes a detour to the Gyle Islands with Queen Anabelle where the Land realm's relic, the Blossom of Gold, is hidden. But the Lightcaster has kidnapped the young Ocean Prince Fuérr and dragged him back to his home in Marincia. Macarius plans to barter the boy's life in exchange for the location of the Ocean realm's relic, the Pearl of Emerald.

Xavier and Alexander, who already possess the magic Hallows from Dream, Ocean, and Sky, are reluctant to gain more, afraid that they will be the ones to bring the End of Existence. But the brothers can't afford to quit now. For if Macarius beats them to the relics, he will destroy the ones they love.

SIGNED - Blossom of Gold (NecroSeam Chronicles Book #5)

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