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Retta  Bodhaine
Audio Director | Recording Engineer | Editor

Retta Headshot.jpg

Hogwarts House:



Bard / Archer

Favorite Movies and Shows:

Secondhand Lions/ Brooklyn 99 

Favorite Book/ Audio:

Book: Goodnight Mr. Tom

 Audiobook: I Am Legend / The Girl With All The Gifts
Audiobook Narrator: Lorelei King
Audio Drama: Cabin Pressure

Favorite Video Games:

Mario Kart 64/ Portal 2/ Magika

Unlocked Achievements

  • I Put on my robe & my wizard hat:  Hennaed my entire body for a cosplay

  • I Meant To Do That:  Became a recording studio engineer while trying to kick start a writing career.

  • Lake Placid Challenge:   Camped in the wrong place, escaped death by alligator.

  • I came, I saw, I made it awkward:   cleared a room with one sentence.

  • Mission Impossible:   I put the Pringle lid back on before they were finished.

  • The Slowest rhino:  Crossed the finish line on a mud run obstacle course where I couldn't stay vertical for more than three consecutive steps. 

  • Arrow to the Knee:  Got knocked in the forehead with a crotch apple at a New Orleans Burlesque Show.

Retta Bodhaine is a fiction writer, a board member Atlanta Radio Theatre Company (, and a freelance recording engineer and audio editor.  A resident of metro-Atlanta Georgia since 1986, Retta received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Speech Communication from the University of Georgia in 2008.


A writer and photographer from a young age, Retta worked on school newspapers and was professionally contracted to do several photo-shoots for local musicians and families. Outside of the scholastic world, she started publishing her written works in 2016. Her short stories have appeared in Violet Windows and on


In June of 2016, she attended her first Atlanta Radio Theatre Company rehearsal. By the end of that same year, she’d co-produced and directed a live performance, written scripts that had been performed live, become the company’s acting Foley Master, and organized a group to increase ARTC’s membership and online presence.


Since then, she has devoured every possible learning opportunity provided by ARTC and it’s affiliates. Becoming familiar with the roles of Recording Engineer, Audio Editor, Script Supervisor, Production Manager, Convention Liaison, Sales Table Manager, Floor / Stage Manager, Voice Actor, Sound Designer, Technical Assistant, A/V Director, Event and Meeting Organizer, Board Operator, On and Off Site Marketer, and Streamer.


Through her connections with the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company, she started interning with Robert Drake. Through that internship she has worked with The Academy Theatre, Agatha’s A Taste of Mystery, Capital City Opera, The Atlanta Union Radio Players, Aris Theatre, Laughing Matters, Your Event Solutions, Hands On Atlanta, and The Good Acting Studio.


Using her career skills of business owner and trainer, Retta has developed, and is currently beta testing, a series of educational courses which will allow all the educational experiences the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company has to offer to be easily absorbed in organized sections by the interested members of the local communities.


Retta is also currently working on Studio Recording and Editing Ellie Raine's Necroseam Chronicles and is in pre-produiction for ARTC's live October 2019 performances.


She considers it her mission in life to indulge her curious and creative nature, and share the interesting tidbits with the world. Retta, her partner Josh and their Weimaraner Molly, live in Grayson, GA where they enjoy learning, gaming, gardening, weekend trips, and spending time with their friends and families.


To learn more about Retta's works and adventures, please visit or like her facebook artist page at

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