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Calling all Dragons and Fantasy Readers! Feedback Wanted!

Epic and Hard Fantasy Readers’ Research Query

There are thousands of book genres and thousands of reading communities within those genres—but where are the communities for Epic and Hard Fantasy?

No, where is it exactly? And who precisely makes up that community?

We want to know! While we are avid Hard Fantasy readers ourselves, we understand that every community is rich with variety! Our opinions and places of book-discovery won’t necessarily be the same as others in the community.

Thus, we would appreciate knowing who you are. Yes, you! We may be cut from the same cloth, but let’s face it—we’re all fascinating and intriguing. None of us are exactly alike. So instead of assuming what you like, we’d rather hear it from the dragon’s mouth!

**What is Hard Fantasy vs. Epic Fantasy?**

Epic Fantasy=fantasy involving a grand quest where the world/city is usually in danger.

Hard Fantasy=fantasy that gives more hard detail to world-building, cultures, or magic-systems.

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