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Book 5 is Finally Here! Pre-sale, Party, and Patreon!

It's almost time for the BIGGEST finale you've all been waiting for--and one I've personally waited ten years to see made a reality!

The NecroSeam Chronicles Book 5, Blossom of Gold, is finally coming! You can pre-order your copy RIGHT NOW and get it right when it comes out!


That's right, YOU! The one reading this--and all your friends and family! If you attend Jordan Con 2020 this April in Atlanta Georgia, you can attend the EXCLUSIVE finale release party, get your copies signed, win raffle prizes, and received a super special Party-Goer's badge ribbon JUST FOR COMING!

Can't wait for Book 5's release and need your NecroSeam fill right now? Well, I have a PATREON for that now! Special gifts, exclusive posts and info, deleted scenes, and a SNEAK PEEK of Book 5!! The question is: Which quest will you undertake, brave knight? CLICK HERE TO BECOME A PATRON!

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