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AVAILABLE NOW! Pearl of Emerald, NecroSeam book 3!

It's out! Go check out NecroSeam book 3, Pearl of Emerald, available in all formats on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! And don't forget to come down to Atlanta Comic Con next weekend, July 13th-15th, where I'll be selling and signing books in the artist alley! Look for ScyntheFy Press on the schedule/map!


Chosen by the Gods. Blessed with Sacred Magic. Will it be enough?

The world of Nirus is entering a time of discord. The Land realm is on the brink of a civil war as rumors of their lost Relicblood’s imminent return continue to spread. The war between the realms is threatening the fragile balance of this world as even the Demon kingdoms are fighting amongst themselves. Caught in the middle are twin reapers who have fallen into this dark adventure.

After six years trapped inside his twin, Xavier’s soul is finally back in his own body, although his long years in a soulless coma has left him physically weak. Death Princess Willow is thrilled to have her fiancé back, but her duties as Grim’s emissary takes precedence now that the Reaper’s war with Everland has intensified. The twins sail with Willow on a diplomatic mission to the icy glaciers of the Ocean realm before continuing on to the lush forests of the Neverland continent.

But the ruthless new queen has laid an ominous trap for the legendary Shadowblood, and the reapers are sailing right into it.

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