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CONjuration, Novella pre-order, and new box set!

We've had a busy few weeks as of late--what with the new NecroSeam ebook Box Set being released, and a new prequel to the series--Princess of Shadow and Dream--up for pre-release (Get yours now while it's on sale for pre-order!!) which will be out this Black Friday!

And it's about to get even busier this weekend, Nov. 16-18 when we head to CONjuration here in the Hilton Atlanta Airport! I'm super excited to see the new Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and bring the little one to see all the magic CONjuration has to offer. I'll also be returning as Rita Skeeter that Sunday, and will be selling books and speaking at panels all weekend, so come join us for the fun and say hi!

Here is my schedule:


3pm--Sorting: TROLLHUNTERS!!

Which Hogwarts house would the characters from Trollhunters be sorted into? Is Jim a Gryffindor? Is Toby a Hufflepuff? Is Walter a Slytherin? Is Blinky a Ravenclaw? Is it actually more difficult than you think? Come help us figure it all out!


10am--YA Lit from the Other Side--Young Adults Writing Literature

This panel is for aspiring young writers (kids from 1 to 92) seeking tips on how to start writing their own stories, what authors wish they knew when they started writing, how to ge the words from the head to paper (or computer) and other beginning writer struggles. This interactive panel of authors will rely on great questions from the audience!

1pm--Ink and Brain Monsters

Mental health. It's a subject coming to light more and more. These panelists, one of whom is a licensed therapist, are eager for everyone to talk about struggles, victories, and ways you can help yourself and others.

4pm--How To Train Your Adaptations

This will be a discussion of the adaptation of the How To Train Your Dragon books, movies, and television series, Happy? Sad? Angry? Elated? Come share how you really feel!

11pm--Writing with a visual Mind

A writer's job is to paint a story in the reader's mind, but translating your colorful thouts into words on a page can be a challenge for those who are visualy-inclined. Most of us "see" the story play out like a film, but we know that a written novel involves more than just describing how things look--it takes a character's thoughts, feelings, and overall voice into account to make it great.


5pm--Closing ceremonies

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