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ATL sci-fi/fantay Expo, NecroSeam Book 4 update, and Willow Cover Re-Design

We barely have two weeks left before the Atlanta Sci-fi/ Fantasy Expo in North Dekalb Mall! I'll have a table and will be speaking at a panel called "Writing with a Visual Mind", so come on down, get your books signed and come join the discussion!

Now for the NecroSeam series update:

Book 4, Phoenix of Scarlet has completed it's first few initial edits and rearrangements (There are a lot of POV's to keep in check and figure out where they best tie together to make the story flow) and has been sent to the Beta Readers! YAY! We hope the book will be 100% completed and polished soon to let you all figure out what happens next in Willow and the twins' adventures.

(Psssst--Kurn, the intergalactic emperor ferret, is getting his own POV finally)

As for the fifth and FINAL book, Blossom of Gold, the first draft is 30% finished! I'm getting there, little by little. Man, writing is SO sporadic with a 5-month-old dragon princess... But look how she's doing! (She is with her Mima in the pictures :3)

Now, for the last pit of news...

The NecroSeam Series is getting a cover re-design. While we love the covers we had, they just aren't getting the sales we need--but we ARE getting those sales with Princess of Shadow and Dream. We believe the covers are a large part of that, since we've had several people say they prefer the cover on Princess rather than the rest of the series. SO, we're working with our cover designer on the brand new, sparkling covers!

So far, the cover for Willow of Ashes is completed, and you can get a sneak peek--since you're all special and took the time to read this post!


<Insert epic whooshes! and pows! for effect>

That cover's Fire, ain't it?

Get it? Because the magic on the cover looks like... aw, never mind.

I think it's awesome, but I guess we'll see, won't we? Either way, can't wait to see the rest of the new covers to come.

Anyway, that's all the updates for today. Have a good one, guys!