Upcoming Conventions

These next two months are going to be busy--between three cons, Halloween, my husband and my anniversary, and fierce, catch-up writing, I'll be neglecting some housework for a while. Events where I will be a guest: *Savannah Quill--Oct. 7 *CONjuratiion--Nov. 3-5 *MCFC--Nov. 17-19 It's going to be hectic--but oodles of fun! Come say hi!

Dragon Con Fun!

Chanerr hou everyone! Dragon Con was a blast thanks to so many people and groups! My chosen cosplay this year was Willow Ember from my book Willow of Ashes--and I couldn't be happier with it! The scythe took a while to make, but I'm pretty proud of myself for finishing it and making the lights work. Interesting note: When you dress as a character with a crown, parents come up and ask if their little girl can take a picture with you... apparently, even a Death Princess gets love. xD Anyway, there are so many people to thank, so I'll try my best to include everyone I met and said hi to there! All right, here we go: DRAGON CON SHOUT OUTS! As always, special shout out to my partner in crime, Ret

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