New Merch, New Forum, and Multi-virtual (Multiverse Con Online) Updates!

Chanerr machet, everyone! The last few weeks have been hectic as we all prepare for Multi-virtual, the next virtual convention on my schedule of appearances! We have SO MUCH planned for this con, you've got to come and hang out with us (virtually, of course!). To prepare for the con, I've spruced up the website a bit and added more items to the store. For those of you who've asked about merch and apparel, go ahead and take a look around! We now have masks, hoodies, t-shirts, mugs, bags (I am in LOVE with the backpacks!) and other accessories and apparel. There's something for all knights (and each book cover, for those who have requested them), so browse to your hearts' content! Lastly, as a

NecroSeam Forum officially up and running

Well, it's taken a long time, but it's finally open! The official NecroSeam Forum is up and ready for members! If you want to join and help build up our little (but growing!) community, pop in and say hi! Talk about the books, post your creations of various arts you may make, ask a question in the FAQs, look up some of the world notes, or just hang out and have a discussion with me and other readers! Let's make this a fun and open community! go to to become a member!

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