Pictures from Jordan Con's Shenanigans! (And gender reveal!)

So Jordan Con has come and gone, and this post is a biiiiit late, but better now than never! We sold books, Orbs of Azure debuted in print, I wore costumes for the last time before my baby bump prevents me from it any more, I won a judges award (yay!) and just had an overall awesome time with friends old and new. Jordan Con has proven to be and still remains one of my favorite cons--looking forward to next year with my new baby GIRL in tow!! Yep, that's right--we're having a baby girl dragon!! She's definitely been demanding spicy food enough, I'll be surprised if she doesn't breathe fire when she pops out. Any way, here are the pictures! Courtesy of friends and family alike: #Jordancon #cos

Jordan Con

Jordan Con's just around the corner (April 20th-22nd) and I'm SUPER stoked--I've got the updated Willow of Ashes ready to go, the second book, Orbs of Azure, is running on-time to arrive for the con, my costumes are now in the 'final touches' stage, I've got a reading scheduled there, and I GET TO PLAY A CARD GAME as one of my "panels"! Man, I can't wait to play this game. It's called Once Upon a Time, it's a story-building table top. As for the reading, I'm still debating if I should read an excerpt from the first book or the second in my epic fantasy series, depending on who will attend and be around to listen. I'll also have a few hours a day at the shared author's table selling and signi

The New and Improved Willow of Ashes--and Book 2 Soon to Follow!

Chanerr hou, everyone! Some of you may be looking at this article's title and scratching your heads a bit. "New and improved? What do you mean?" I mean pretty much what it suggests. Last year, after a deep consideration, I decided to leave my publisher (on good terms!) and retain the rights to my first book, Willow of Ashes. I went dark for a while as I prepared the newly revised edition of Willow and went through the round of self-publishing adventures of getting a new cover artist, editor, proof readers and beta readers, formatter, etc., and even had a novella published with my other trad publisher, Pro Se Press, in that time. Also, my husband and I discovered I was pregnant while we were

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