NecroSeam Finale: Facebook Live Release Party!

Chanerr hou, everyone! I hope you're all doing well in these weird and scary times. Obviously, due to COVID-19, several conventions have been canceled this year, including Jordan Con. Which also means the release party for book 5 was canceled along with that. BUT! That doesn't mean we can't celebrate together through Facebook live! Come join us for fun conversation, live book readings, and raffle prizes! Tomorrow, Wed, April 1st at 8 pm! ===> CLICK HERE TO RSVP TO THE EVENT <=== TAKE THAT, COVID-19!! WE CAN STILL HAVE FUN IN SPITE OF YOU! Also, for those who apply, the shipment we ordered of paperback and hardcover copies of Blossom of Gold has been delayed, which means those of you who pre-

NecroSeam Finale has officially released!

THE FINALE IS FINALLY OUT!! Five Star Review from Readers' Favorite "Blossom of Gold is a work of epic fantasy fiction with plenty of action and conceptual delights and was penned by author Ellie Raine. The fifth and final novel in the NecroSeam Chronicles series,this ending to the saga contains some mild profanity and graphic violence, which makes it largely suitable to adult and mature YA readers alike. In this darkly conceptualized world, we are introduced to Reapers and the undead alike - though the undead are mutated demons from whom the seam of life (the titular NecroSeam) has been left uncut. Theundead are about to be unwittingly enslaved to fight a war that could bring about the End

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