NecroSeam Book 4 Preorder!

Good news! NecroSeam Book 4, Phoenix of Scarlet, is now available for preorder! Be sure to get your copy now! A Raging Storm, A Spreading Darkness, A Rising Champion After 2000 years of peace, the Time of Discord is returning to the Five Realms of Nirus. Prophecy claims only the Shadowblood can stop the total destruction of the world. Now, at last he is found! But he is not what the world expected…. for the Gods decided this legendary champion was to be born as twins, Xavier and Alexander, with their magic split between them. It will take the two of them working together to defeat the dark evil that has been brewing for the last 500 years. But will they be ready in time? The bloodthirst

Calling all Dragons and Fantasy Readers! Feedback Wanted!

Epic and Hard Fantasy Readers’ Research Query Who are the Epic and Hard Fantasy readers? There are thousands of book genres and thousands of reading communities within those genres—but where are the communities for Epic and Hard Fantasy? No, where is it exactly? And who precisely makes up that community? We want to know! While we are avid Hard Fantasy readers ourselves, we understand that every community is rich with variety! Our opinions and places of book-discovery won’t necessarily be the same as others in the community. Thus, we would appreciate knowing who you are. Yes, you! We may be cut from the same cloth, but let’s face it—we’re all fascinating and intriguing. None of us are exactly

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