NecroSeam  Chronicles, Award-Winning Fantasy

"Author Ellie Raine has developed a truly superb and fully engrossing fantasy world like nothing I've ever read before. The concept of Grim Reapers and undead demons may not seem new, but through Raine's intelligent revisioning and extensive work in lore and worldbuilding, this world filled with dark realms, nature, life, and death is one that is completely realized and totally unique.


... a superb work that is highly recommended for fantasy fans everywhere."


  - Review by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite 

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NecroSeam Chronicles | Book I

A necromancer's soul is torn from his body... and sealed inside his twin.

Xavier and Alexander are twin necromancer brothers whose magic was split at birth. Alexander raises decaying corpses while Xavier stitches deceased souls inside. Raised to respect the dead and protect all souls in the afterlife, the brothers trained extensively to become honorable Reaper knights of the underground kingdom of Grim. But as boys, Xavier was thrown off a cliff by an assassin with poisonous magic and disappeared into the ocean. He was declared dead, but his soul became trapped inside his brother, and they've lived together in secret for six years.

Now nearing twenty, they undertake a dangerous journey to find the hope they've sought for so long. But with a nest of demons invading the lands and mountainous dragons destroying towns, their simple search turns into a living nightmare. 

Elsewhere, a skilled lady Reaper named "Lilli" is sent on a different mission to find Xavier, but instead finds herself battling demons as the beasts multiply the longer her journey continues.

And while these Reapers venture separate paths, each has a role to play in an ancient prophecy looming over the five realms.

To survive, they must fight together for a better future for all.




"One of the most fascinating universes I have ever encountered... rich, mysterious, inviting and frightening at the same time. You will want to visit it again and again." -Readers' Favorite Review



"A brilliantly scripted and entertainingly original fantasy saga... A riveting read from beginning to end... unreservedly recommended." -Midwest Book Review



NecroSeam Chronicles | Book II

After surviving a vicious battle with the Demon Queen's army of undead Necrofera, Xavier and Alexander are now fully knighted and have been inducted into the Brotherhood of Reapers. But they are no closer to finding Xavier's missing body, and his soul is still trapped inside his brother. 

Following a possible lead, the coexisting brothers travel to Everland's capital only to discover the false King has betrayed the Reapers. For the first time in centuries, Knights of the Death Realm are forced to fight against living souls in a double-war with both the Necrofera and Everland armies. When their comrades are taken captive, the twins join Death Princess Willow on a rescue mission to free them from an impenetrable fortress high in the desert canyons. Along the way, the Reaper forces get help from unexpected allies of different realms, all of whom are searching for the "ShadowBlood", a legendary hero who looks just like the twins... If they had been born as one.



NecroSeam Chronicles | Book III

The world of Nirus is entering a time of discord. The Land realm is on the brink of a civil war as rumors of their lost Relicblood’s imminent return continue to spread. The war between the realms is threatening the fragile balance of this world as even the Demon kingdoms are fighting amongst themselves. Caught in the middle are twin reapers who have fallen into this dark adventure. The twins sail with Willow on a diplomatic mission to the icy glaciers of the Ocean realm before continuing on to the lush forests of the Neverland continent.

But Neverland's ruthless new queen has laid an ominous trap for the legendary Shadowblood, and the reapers are sailing right into it.



NecroSeam Chronicles | Book IV

The bloodthirsty queen of Neverland has been defeated and the true queen of Land is reinstated, but the war between the realms is far from over. Now, an entourage of royal Relicblood heirs from each realm, including Death Princess Willow and the twins, board an Airship and sail up to the magnificent floating islands of the Sky realm to avert another war. 



NecroSeam Chronicles |  Book V

The NecroSeam Finale!

The End of Existence is near. Prophecy says only the Shadowblood can stop it. But what if the prophecy is wrong? What if the ShadowBlood twins will actually be the ones who destroy the world?


NecroSeam  Extras



NecroSeam Chronicles | Prequel

A fun bonus story!


Take a little peek into what Willow and the twins' childhoods was like before their adventure began in Willow of Ashes, and how they first met!


Princess Willow Ember is the young heiress to Grim’s throne. In her underground home of cold caverns, it will one day be her duty to rule this Kingdom of Death and command her Reaper knights to guide all souls of the dead down to her caverns for their afterlife. But for now, she must strengthen her weak magic and sharpen her skills with the scythe if she hopes to be respected in Grim. As a child born of two realms, Death and Dream, some question her right to rule. Unexpectedly, one of her biggest supporters is a new Reaper-in-training boy with different colored eyes.

Xavier and his twin brother Alex didn’t know they would be dining with the royal family of Grim on their first day of moving within the palace grounds. And Xavier wasn’t prepared to meet an enchanting young Death Princess, let alone one with six elements of magic. He and his brother would be lucky to have even one whole element, but the twins’ abilities to raise the dead had been split at birth. Xavier can only use his magic on deceased souls. Alex can only resurrect decaying corpses. Halved magic has never been seen in the five realms, and the twins are considered crippled in the magic community when separated. Together, though, Willow and the twins may be capable of anything.

But they aren’t prepared for an assassin trapped in the Dream realm for 500 years who has sworn vengeance on the royal families of Death and Dream. And with an ancient, poisonous magic, he won’t leave any souls alive.




NecroSeam Chronicles | Prequel

A fun bonus story!


Take a peek at how Willow's parents met before their adventures in Willow of Ashes.


The Death family's dreams are put in danger when their hired Dreamcatchers go missing, and Prince Serdin suddenly finds himself targeted by dream-stalking demons. But his soul is saved by a powerful new mage... the Princess of Dreams herself.

After living half a millennium in her father's timeless realm, Myra is excited to visit the physical plane of the shadowy Death kingdom. When she is asked to protect the Death Prince in his dreams, though, the two royals are surprised to share an unwelcome attraction.

For not only is Serdin already engaged,it's forbidden for bloodlines of different realms to marry. And now that demons have infiltrated Myra's metaphysical domain, the two must fight their temptations... along with their nightmares.

This dark and enchanting romantic fantasy is the prequel to the NecroSeam Chronicles series, a unique and action-packed fantasy of magic, brotherhood, and mystery that will take readers on an epic journey they won't soon forget!

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