NecroSeam Chronicles, new covers
NecroSeam Chronicles, new covers

Check out the award-winning gothic fantasy saga, the NecroSeam Chronicles

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NecroSeam Chronicles
NecroSeam Chronicles

Check out the award-winning Gothic Fantasy saga, the NecroSeam Chronicles

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NecroSeam Chronicles, new covers
NecroSeam Chronicles, new covers

Check out the award-winning gothic fantasy saga, the NecroSeam Chronicles

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NecroSeam Chronicles | Book I




"If Tim Burton had written Lord of the Rings...”


This multi-award winning fantasy saga will take readers on an incredible action-packed adventure full of magic, love, and mystery. Perfect for YA readers who love intricate magic, deep world building, relatable characters, and exciting action!

"I would recommend this book especially to fans of
Brandon Sanderson's "Mistborn" or Django Wexler's "Ashes of the Sun." - Vincent E.M. Thorn

A mysterious world of ghosts, hidden myths, and powerful magic, the five realms of Nirus have lived in harmony for centuries. Now a long forgotten prophecy re-emerges, foretelling the end of all existence. Legends claim a lone warrior with rare magic will be sent by the Gods to protect the realms. But the savior chosen is not one man. They are identical twins Xavier and Alexander, born with magic to raise the dead with their powers split in half between them.

Xavier had always heard the legend of the Willow of Ashes, a relic shrouded in myth and magic. He thought it was nothing more than the namesake of his childhood friend, Princess Willow, whom he hoped would someday become his bride. But that future is destroyed when a ruthless assassin poisons Xavier and tosses him in the ocean to die. All assume he’s dead. They couldn't be more wrong. For Xavier’s soul was instead ripped from his body... and is now trapped inside his twin.

Readers' Favorite Review

"One of the most fascinating universes I have ever encountered... rich, mysterious, inviting and frightening at the same time. You will want to visit it again and again." 


Midwest Book Review

"A brilliantly scripted and entertainingly original fantasy saga... A riveting read from beginning to end... unreservedly recommended." 

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NecroSeam Chronicles | Book II

Foreboding dreams. Visions of destruction. An epic adventure of mystery, magic, and mayhem...

The Orbs of Azure, relics of the Dream kingdom obscured in legend, are said to be hidden in Aspirre’s subconscious plane and blessed by the wise Shepherd of Dreams. Xavier and his twin, Alexander, have a destiny to fulfill that will lead them to the Orbs of Azure, in time. But with Xavier’s soul still trapped in his brother’s body, even Willow’s ominous visions can’t show her what it will mean for the world. But there is one Seer who has more answers… her grandfather, the King of Dreams.

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NecroSeam Chronicles | Book III

Icy waters. Intertwined fates. An epic adventure of mystery, magic, and mayhem...

The Pearl of Emerald, a relic of the Ocean kingdom drowned in ancient fables, is said to be lurking in the depths of Marincia’s icy waters and blessed by the graceful Artist of Beauty. Xavier and his twin, Alexander, learn of their destiny that leads them to the Pearl of Emerald. But when a selfish queen goes to war with Grim, they must survive a dual battle with both the living and the dead.

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NecroSeam Chronicles | Book IV

High storms. Air-bound ships. An epic adventure of mystery, magic, and mayhem...

The Phoenix of Scarlet, a relic of the Sky kingdom overshadowed by ancient tales, is said to soar through the thunderous skies of Culatia’s floating islands and blessed by the thrilling Archer of Storms. Xavier and his twin, Alexander, learn that their destiny isn’t what they were told as they meet the Phoenix of Scarlet. Now they want nothing to do with the prophecy surrounding them. But it’s too late to turn back now, for if they stop now, they could lose the ones they love most.

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NecroSeam Chronicles |  Book V


Divided kingdoms. The End of Existence. An epic adventure of mystery, magic, and mayhem...

The Blossom of Gold, a relic of the Land kingdom thought lost to the times, is said to rest within the overgrown ruins of Everland’s lost city and blessed by the nurturing Gardener of Life. Xavier and his twin, Alexander, reluctantly face the destiny they’ve grown to despise as they are taken to the Blossom of Gold. They only hope it’s the right choice.

Blossom of Gold was endorsed by Woman's World Book Club, America's bestselling magazine: "Exhilarating action and dynamic characters come to life in this page-turning saga..."


NecroSeam  Extras

SoulOfEmber2 copy_final.jpg


NecroSeam Chronicles | Prequel


A fun bonus story!


Take a little peek into what Willow and the twins' childhoods was like before their adventure began in Willow of Ashes, and how they first met!


Princess Willow Ember is the young heiress to Grim’s throne. In her underground home of cold caverns, it will one day be her duty to rule this Kingdom of Death and command her Reaper knights to guide all souls of the dead down to her caverns for their afterlife. But for now, she must strengthen her weak magic and sharpen her skills with the scythe if she hopes to be respected in Grim. As a child born of two realms, Death and Dream, some question her right to rule. Unexpectedly, one of her biggest supporters is a new Reaper-in-training boy with different colored eyes.

Xavier and his twin brother Alex didn’t know they would be dining with the royal family of Grim on their first day of moving within the palace grounds. And Xavier wasn’t prepared to meet an enchanting young Death Princess, let alone one with six elements of magic. He and his brother would be lucky to have even one whole element, but the twins’ abilities to raise the dead had been split at birth. Xavier can only use his magic on deceased souls. Alex can only resurrect decaying corpses. Halved magic has never been seen in the five realms, and the twins are considered crippled in the magic community when separated. Together, though, Willow and the twins may be capable of anything.

But they aren’t prepared for an assassin trapped in the Dream realm for 500 years who has sworn vengeance on the royal families of Death and Dream. And with an ancient, poisonous magic, he won’t leave any souls alive.




NecroSeam Chronicles | Prequel

A fun bonus story!


Take a peek at how Willow's parents met before their adventures in Willow of Ashes.


The Death family's dreams are put in danger when their hired Dreamcatchers go missing, and Prince Serdin suddenly finds himself targeted by dream-stalking demons. But his soul is saved by a powerful new mage... the Princess of Dreams herself.

After living half a millennium in her father's timeless realm, Myra is excited to visit the physical plane of the shadowy Death kingdom. When she is asked to protect the Death Prince in his dreams, though, the two royals are surprised to share an unwelcome attraction.

For not only is Serdin already engaged,it's forbidden for bloodlines of different realms to marry. And now that demons have infiltrated Myra's metaphysical domain, the two must fight their temptations... along with their nightmares.

This dark and enchanting romantic fantasy is the prequel to the NecroSeam Chronicles series, a unique and action-packed fantasy of magic, brotherhood, and mystery that will take readers on an epic journey they won't soon forget!